I've decided that SSB2 is labeled incorrectly

I think a more accurate description is Threshold Base for Suffering. This is my third time through and for some reason it is kicking my ass more this time than it ever has. Happy Saturday.


Yup, I did lv and there was not a single sweet spot ride. Threshold, vo2, over under. Rinse and repeat.


I also find it strange that there are almost no Sweetspot wo included. Thats why i do a modified HV program, which has long blocks of sweetspot.

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I should have looked closer at doing that. I think that would have been a better way to attack it this year.

I like “VO2 prep” as the title for this phase :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: gets me mentally prepared!


I found it to be a good step from ssb1 to build. Sweet spot to 150% microbursts is too harsh a transition.


Nothing “sweet” about it.

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In the past I would agree with you Patrick. My first two seasons through no problem. For some reason this time through not so much.

it becomes sweet after a few treshold & vo2max workouts


All kidding aside (although I think you guys are spot on Hahhaha), there is a legit Feature Request to change the name of those plans.

Funny, I know things are hard when I’m in the middle of a build week and I’m like “man why did I ever complain about those SS vol 1 days…I’d love to have a week like that right about now”. Vol 2 is pretty “sustained power build minus one”

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I hear you. I am halfway through General Build MV. Mid build FTP test was up 20 watts but I am paying for it now. First time my legs have felt flat this training cycle…Bays+1 and Dade+5 just killed me.





Ultra Base
Base Plus
Mega Base
Uber Base

Build Prep is good too.

Build essentials


My vote is on Uber Base;

Just got to my ‘Uber Base’ rest week.

Feels so deserved.

Every ride on Sunday is sweet spot. I’m enjoying II part of SSB

SSB2 has never failed me in giving me an FTP boost. I can’t say the same for builds. I am almost tempted to repeat SSB2 as my build.

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Threshold base!

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I’m 2 weeks into SSB2 high volume. Would it be worthwhile to introduce some of the VO2 max workouts from mid volume or just stay the course? I remember having a really hard time adjusting to some of the harder efforts in the Build phase last year and wouldn’t mind a little prep work before-hand.