Swap for endurance ride on AT

So recently been added to AT, which was perfect timing as the new plans were just not doing for me, fortunately AT seems to giving the intensity I’m after.

Previously I would regularly swap out the Sunday sweetspot ride for a longer Z2 ride. however I can’t seem to find a way to make this work within AT/plan builder so that it still credits my progression levels, any ideas?

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Try the alternates feature and select duration of choice? Does that yield what you need?

I think using the alternates will just recommend similar SS rides (does for me). Although they will be slightly less intense as the duration increases.

I just did an endurance ride in the week and skipped my planned SS ride. AT then dropped the level of my subsequent SS rides in the block (and increased my endurance level rides).

Not sure if this was the ‘correct’ way to go about it but happy how AT handled it!

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