Request: AT maintains chosen workout duration

Lots of people play with workout plans. You might be on a low volume plan, but have a bit more time and so trade in a 90 minute SS workout for the 60 minute.

Or, find you struggle with longer threshold workouts and so adjust that down. Or your Sunday ride can always be longer than TR schedules.

Please can we request that if you make a change to a workout by using alternates, that the chosen workout length remains and AT just adapts the PL?

At the moment, every time AT adjusts PLs based on workout reviews, it defaults the workout back to the plan builder duration, meaning you have to go back in and manually find another alternate.


This is a feature I’d like to see implemented.

Super frustrating having SS workouts you’ve bumped up in duration over the next week or few being offered as adaptations for shorter (original length) alternatives.