AT, Train Now and Alternate workouts

HI all,

Maybe the answer is out there but after a small amount of searching I can’t find it so here goes;

Sunday coming I have a 90 min sweetspot workout that I won’t want to do as I’ll have had a hard outside ride on Saturday. Instead I would like to do a 120 min endurance workout. As I am towards the end of SS Base 1 my progression level for endurance has fallen from 6.5 to 4.3. (If AT could utilise outdoor rides this would not be the case…). I would like to do an endurance workout at PL6.5 eg Polar Bear -3 but if I just select the workout, while it will bump my PL, it will not be taken into account by AT, correct?

I can also select Polar Bear -3 by using TrainNow, selecting the first endurance ride presented and then use alternates to set the duration and intensity of the work out I want to do.

As both TrainNow and alternate workouts are taken into account by AT can I assume that this route to Polar Bear -3 results in a workout that both contributes to PL and AT?


I would use the TN approach you outlined.

For your outdoor workouts, there is a work around to get AT to see it. You select a workout, mark it outdoors, and then do your normal outdoor ride and “associate” it to the TR ride you had scheduled.

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