Feature Request: Training Plan with long endurance ride instead of sweet spot

I’ve been doing mid volume training plans but replace the end of the week sweet spot ride with an endurance ride as specified in the weekly notes.

It would be nice, when using the plan builder, to be able to choose the endurance ride instead of the sweet spot ride so adaptive training can still be taken advantage of for the long endurance rides. I assume this would take the form of two different plans, one with weekend sweet spot and one with weekend endurance.

Right now, it seems like a lot of work to do what is suggested in the plan notes. Half of the suggested endurance rides are listed as unproductive. AT also updates all of the mid week endurance rides to be more difficult upon completion of the longer endurance rides (I understand I can change the difficulty).

It seems redundant to have to keep adjusting the training plan to what is suggested as an alternative in the notes when the selling point of plan builder and AT is the system adjusts the plan.

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don’t overthink things, just sub in a long sunday workout at whatever duration you want. My rule of thumb was not to do endurance over 70% and I did 3, 3:15, 3.5, 3:45, and 4hr rides for each respective Sunday of my SSB plans. I also did Tuesday z2 and let adaptive training work with the Thurs and Sat sweet spot workouts.

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i’ll also add, which I say ad nauseum around here, endurance progression levels are among the least useful in my opinion and are hardly require adaptive training to get right


I am all for having the option within Plan Builder, of choosing to have TR assign an Endurance for the Sunday workout instead of the default Sweet Spot.

This would be on par with the current ability to swap a given workout day to outside vs the inside default. They are also adding in the ability to set time limits to suit rider needs, which I think is also the same basic consideration of the End vs SS swap requested here.

Count me as a +1 for the request.


I think Nate said a couple of weeks ago this would become a choice in the future, so it’ll be good.


Sweet, I missed that from him :smiley: