Sustained build part 2 - no FTP gain

Morning all

Completed the second 4 week of sustained build low volume. It was absolutely brutal but only failed on a couple of workouts. Have added a 4th 30 minute HIIT workout mid week when I stay away from home and a very uncomfortable hotel gym bike is my only option.

Did the ramp test yesterday and I maintained my exact ftp. Felt ok in myself (maybe a little tired but nothing unusual for a Monday) and I’m confident I pushed as hard as I could as I found a new max HR.

My plan was to go onto century low volume next but with no gain for so much pain, should I repeat this second block, continue with the century plan or try something different altogether? First goal this year is a 100 miler in mid-May.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I am just wrapping up SPB part 2 myself and you are right - it is a brutal series of workouts. In a week I may well find I am in your shoes. Curious, did you get a nice bump at the halfway mark? I did and still feel like I am adjusting to the new intensity. Less on threshold but for sure on V02.

You added a 4th hard workout on what would have been a recovery day. 4 HIIT sessions a week may be leaving you depleted and without sufficient recovery to build back up. That is where I would look first.

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Thanks. Maybe just a steady spin might be better for the mid week session.

Felt like I was just hanging on for most of the sessions but absolutely chuffed to finish them. Felt like a real achievement.

I went from 266 to 271 during the first phase. Not a massive bump but still an improvement.

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The same thing just happened to me. I did the ramp test today leading into my specialty phase and my FTP was totally flat since my last test mid-plan in sustained power build (MV). I’ve seen really good improvements since I started structured training in November but this time I was disappointed to not see any gain. I haven’t missed a workout yet, but I have been adding in rides on one of my days off and doing some long rides (6-8hrs) in place of a weekend ride since I’m training for a 100 miler as well. I’m going to head into the specialty phase and see what happens…I’m hoping for some additional gain but overall my endurance on the long rides has seen a lot of improvement so I can’t complain too much.