Build: go/no go

Hit 230 ftp last September. Started a SSB LV + a few spins in October. Got ill a couple of weeks: compliance fell apart. Finished base eventually FTP down at 208. Started sustained power build. Felt wrecked. Checked calendar and found I had just ridden through my rest weeks like an ass. Took a week off the bike and reset on build plan. So a week of no VO2max. Expected ramp test to drop. It duly did. So what to do now? My Charmin first beat VO2max estimate has shown a consistent rise since November. So I figure I have a base of sorts. So plan was to proceed with build with 2:1 ratio at the current FTP and prioritize compliance. Opinions? Go/No go?

How about repeating some, or all, of SSB2? Good compliance should get your ftp back up to where it was last summer. If you have racing goals, ask planbuilder how to fit it all in.

Yeah that’s the no go option

Honestly it depends on what your outcome goals are, and when. But considering you’re accepting a drop in ftp, had some bad plan compliance in the last weeks, had to take extra rest, and are now considering a toned-down version of build with extra rest, I’m not sure why you’re so insisting on going ahead with it.

Primarily because the VO2 max stuff is doable for me ATM. Target race is first week in June. Before I stopped I was at 350tss/week