Supplements Worth Buying for Cyclists, Race-Day Nutrition, and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 475

685 views May 23, 2024 The Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast

(0:00) Welcome!
(05:23) How Kyle helps Keegan fuel 40hr weeks
(15:14) Should you eat less on recovery days?
(20:50) Race-week nutrition guidelines
(32:06) How Kyle likes his athletes to carb load
(36:10) Foods to avoid when carb loading
(49:34) Which supplements are worth paying for?
(01:10:47) Research and supplements: It’s complicated

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Also could have been titled “Question #4 for Kyle” :rofl:

Always blows my mind when Kyle is on. 1 cup of rice 200 Cal, so how many cups do you need on a 6,000 calorie day?

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I don’t understand the assertion that fat isn’t filling. I can eat rice all day long, but a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter or a whole avocado feels like a ton in the gut. He said it a couple times, and I’m baffled by this. Do people not find fat heavy foods filling?

Maybe he meant as compared to protein? Or like on a calorie per gram basis? That would make broccoli the most filling food on earth probably, but you would have to eat a ton of it.

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Yeah, I picked up on that too and for me personally that assertion is totally incorrect. In fact, fat combined with protein and or carbs can make a meal way more satiating.

My thinking is that he thinks fat won’t hold you over that much either on it’s own, or as comparatively on a gram:gram basis as other foods. That’s how I made sense of it.

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Well at least I’m not alone!