Super geeky enduro / physiology question

Interesting study here[]=269

Question for some who knows E-Phys better than me. How does FTP compare to various levels of onset of blood lactate accumulation. 1mm, 2mm, 4mm ? I’d love to see how my fitness compares to elite enduro racers ( lower obviously but how much lower) and as I don’t have access to lactate testing it would be interesting to see if some type of comparison could be made using FTP. Or are there any high level enduro guys out there willing to share their FTP and maximum power?

This is a really good article on it. You can see a table further down comparing pros and amateurs. As you’d expect <1mmol/L for the pros at a decent amateur power output (4w/k).

awesome thanks !

This seems to indicate that power @ 1mmol is approximately ftp

So then does anyone know what correlates to power 2mmol, 4mmol is it a percentage of ftp that can be estimated?

I believe that steadystate 100% FTP power actually corresponds with 4mmol lactate readings. 2mmol lactate is usually given as an endurance pace reading, 65-75% of FTP.


Thanks, turns out elite enduro guys are pretty fit