Anybody found glasses with good wind protection?

Since about 3 years I’m on the search for a pair of cycling glasses, that keep the wind effectively away from the eyes. I thought maybe somebody here has more experience/testing under their belt than me with cycling glasses and could recommend something.

I wear a contact lens for cycling (have only one working eye) and am very sensitive to wind when wearing it. Up until 30 kph I’m usually fine with my current glasses, however through TR outside training and descents I regularly experience speeds higher than that. Strangely temperature has a huge effect as well. In winter (0-10°C) the threshold is something like 15-20 kph, while when it’s above 30°C I’m pretty much good.

For reference, here’s a list of the glasses I’ve tried so far:

  1. Oakley Sutro Lite (started with it on the MTB)
  2. Oakley Jawbreaker (currently my go-to after testing the entire Oakley range)
  3. Everything from POC (small and normal sizes; only the Crave has been somewhat similar/slightly better than my Jawbreakers)
  4. Bliz’ Breeze (small and normal; contrary to the name’s suggestion it was the worst pair I tested)
  5. Scott Shield (very uncomfortable on the nose so it went back straight away)

Since I don’t want to wear (swimming) goggles for cycling, has anybody experienced something similar with sensitive eyes and has maybe found a pair that works reasonably well, even when descending?


Have you tried Oakley Flight Jackets Flight Jacket™ Prizm Road Lenses, Matte Black Frame Sunglasses | Oakley® GB
A few years ago I was undergoing chemo that would trick my nerves into thinking they were getting crushed in wind chill; thankfully that’s all over but wind protection was extra important to me then, fortunately I had bought the Flight Jackets previously and they did the job me.

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have you considered an aero helmet with a visor?

I race with a visor (LG P-09) and it cuts down on wind in the eyes dramatically, from your description this is what I would try. You’ve tried the big sunglasses, I can’t see other “big” model sunglasses doing anymore wind blocking than POC or Oakley you have tried

here is a few I would suggest
Giro Vanquish - the least aero helmet looking
Giro Aerohead
Smith Jetstream
Louis Garneau P-09
Rudy Project Wing


Thanks! I tested them directly (same hill/conditions) and found the Jawbreakers to work better for me. I think they fit a bit tighter on my face, especially on the top of the frame.

Or just occurred to me … Motorcycle sunglasses that have that gasket around the top edges

like these - just a google search - pasted the women’s specific fit/ just added the men’s fit as well

Thanks Mike, that looks very promising!

Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see the POC Devour on your list. My understanding is that they’re effectively the largest ones out there, though I could be mistaken.

I have a giro vanquish with the visor. I’m not a fan. I simultaneously lets air blow right into my eyes, but also not enough air so that I sweat like a pig in it. All the sweat then accumulates in the visor making it impossible to see out of if its a sweaty day.

The Devour was a bit worse than my Sutro Lite. Basically I could feel the wind creeping around from all of the edges and had troubles seeing even at 30 kph, at least with the road version that has no vents in the lens.

The issue with the Giro Vanquish I see is the vents in the visor, which I guess will blow air right into the eyes when the head is slightly tilted downwards, which is the exact issue why my Jawbreakers work okay in summer but not in winter.

In the winter I just use a clear set of safety glasses that I swiped from work. They sit closer to my eyes than any sunglasses I own. The specific pair is unbranded though.

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Oakley Kato and Kato-X have worked well for me.

Julbo Rush also excellent. Sports Sunglasses RUSH - -

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100% Speedtraps have worked great for me. So much that I have 3 pair :slight_smile:

Yip I’ve got older Jaw breakers and they are much of a muchness.

Pit Vipers!

Lightweight, cheap, and comfortable.


I have Addidas cycling glasses with prescription lenses. These are essentially the biggest glasses I could find, my prescription was almost too strong and they had to leave gaps. However, I just checked and I couldn’t find them on Addidas’ website any longer.

Some cycling glasses come with a foam pad that serves as a sweat catcher. But it also stops the wind from entering. I am not sure whether current models come with those as an option, but this might be worth looking into.

Same here with the strong prescription. The Bliz Breeze have a very close fit at the top with a foam pad there however the wind kept entering around the sides and bottom of the lens.

I think the best options are without vents and with a very close fit on all edges. I’ll have to check out the above mentioned motorcycling glasses.

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I was flat out surprised that my Sutro Lite let air float under and into my eyes. Expected better protection from the wind, given they have goggle styling. Good quest

Generally I’ve found - flat lenses sitting off the face = buffeting. They’re in fashion right now - wildcats, sutros etc. Switch back to my older Smith attack max with aspherical lenses - perfect and no buffeting.

So anything with a proper curve - katos, attacks etc will be good.


In my experience the best protection is with wrap-around lenses, which require aspherical lenses (if you need prescription lenses). That makes them quite pricey. Ask me how I know :wink:

Have a look at Bolle Shifter very comfortable with good coverage

Concur, these work very well!!