Summer Plan Builder

Because it’s now getting warm and I prioritize riding outside, but still want to get some additional volume and be effective with any indoor training that I do, I’d love to be able to build a custom plan around known outdoor rides. I have tried multiple ways to do this but can’t seem to get it to work. So maybe someone can give me a trick I haven’t tried.

Right now I’m just adding Train now sessions but would like the benefit of some adaptive capability.

With high volume plans I can’t change duration or intensity on the days that I need it. In the summer I don’t want any of my indoor rides to be longer than an hour. Some days I only want 30 minutes. Some days I plan to ride outdoors but weather/life happens - this days can be harder/longer.

M - easy, 30 min.
T - Group Ride
W - easy, 30-60 min
T - moderate-hard, 60 min or outdoor ride
F - Off
S - outdoors or hard 60 min
S - outdoors or moderate 60 min

Would love to see this feature - you say which days, duration and intensity and TR builds the plan.

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Do low volume. That gives you 3 suggested (AT compatible) rides a week that can be done indoor or out, and plenty of flexibility to shift them around on the different days depending on weather/life/etc.


@jlsazart nailed with the Low Volume recommendation!

That will give you 3 solid core workouts to build around each week. Plenty of flexibility!

Plus, you can do them as Outside Workouts.

You can also use TrainNow and Workout Alternates to add in extra workouts or adjust a given workout to the amount of time you have available to train each day. Both of these options work hand-in-hand with Adaptive Training!

You can also check out the following article for adding additional volume to your plan:

Hope this helps! Feel free to let me know if you need any more help or suggestions. :slight_smile:

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Have tried using Low Volume but again doesn’t fit what I outlined above. It give me the three workouts but “difficult” intensity and trying to throw 90 min workouts.

The closest I have found is actually high volume and then shifting the workouts around for each block and marking the Tues & Sat as outdoors…its close, but still a compromise.

Again, if you could just choose the days you wanted to work out, duration and intensity for each day, it would be a killer feature.

  • There is an existing feature request for this and Nate even said it’s something they want to do. We just have to wait for them to get to it at some point.

I assumed there was, but didn’t find anything in my searching of the forums.

I don’t have time to search now, but it’s out there.

With Adaptive Training and your personal Progression Levels, you’ll end up with workouts that wouldn’t necessarily be “difficult,” but, rather, “just right” to keep your fitness moving forward.

Workout Alternates would still be our go-to for the moment if you’re looking to change the duration of a given session – be it inside or outside. We’d recommend using Workout Alternates a day or so before your next workout, which gives AT plenty of time to propose any changes to your plan based on your recent training and gives you plenty of time to get mentally and physically prepared for your next training effort.

As @mcneese.chad mentioned, the ability to choose which days you’d like to train on combined with custom durations and intensities for Plan Builder has been widely requested – I don’t want to make any promises right now, but keep your eyes peeled for future updates on this one! :eyes: