Help! How do I incorporate outside rides into a plan?!

Folks - Looking for some advice please.
Currently following Sustained Power Build, mid volume.
I often ride my bike for work - at least once a week; these can be shorter more intense, or longer slightly easier rides - but always with a social element to them so a completely inappropriate time to try and use them to do the ‘outdoor’ version of a scheduled ride.
So…as I see it, there are probably 3 credible options:

  1. Swap them in for one of the scheduled rides, knowing that they bear little resemblance to the scheduled ride.
  2. Drop down to the low volume version, to create ‘time / space’ for these rides without disrupting the plan.
  3. Just push the plan back a day or two after each of these rides, which means the plan could take up to two extra weeks to complete.
    Any thoughts on which of these would make the most sense? Or is there another alternative?
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I basically do option #2 with my indoor rides on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays leaving the weekend for social rides, etc.


I’ll be (very luckily) in the same position moving forward with a training plan and balancing one work related social ride. I’m going with option 2 as well. Low volume = high quality, (for me) and my limited training time. The extra ride will get filed under endurance work and I plan on banging out a TR ride in the AM on many of those group ride days.

I’d say in general the low volume plans work for most schedules because it does allow for more “fluff” (fun) riding. I need both to maintain motivation.

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Another vote for #2.

Endurance workouts are easily substituted with outdoor rides, but SS and VO2 interval workouts are not.