Suggestions for an off-season multisport training plan?

I’ve thrown in the towel for the rest of 2020 since my A race for the end of August was canceled. I had been going through a Plan Builder progression for the half-ironman distance and got some shiny new FTPs, but I’m shutting everything down for the off-season.

After looking through the plans, is there any sort of general-purpose offseason plan that people would recommend? If I want to SBR and add weights, I’m thinking of doing a LV Olympic Base, LV Olympic Build, and a 40k specialty to from now through mid-winter.

Anyone else have other suggestions or successes with another sequence?


I have a similar question, so waiting to hear what others suggest. I am currently planning to take 2 weeks to just ride outside for fun, then do 3 weeks of VO2 max (3 workouts a week) progression, followed by SSB 1 and 2 LV. All while running 2 -3 times per week at endurance pace only and doing 2 strength workouts. That should get me through the holidays.

Edit- I’m only training for Oly distance stuff this year, however next year may try my first half. So YMMV.

Would focus on weaknesses and not try to balance all 3 sports. E.g. if swim is your weakness, then spend a couple of months training like a swimmer, hitting the pool nearly every day, cut your bike and run volume right back. As long as you’re staying fit overall, then any fitness you lose in one sport will typically come back very quickly once you start training it again. And the gains you make by focusing on one sport should mostly stay with you once you return to a more balanced plan.