Next steps after SSB LV2

Hi all

I’ve just done Spencer +2 in week 5 of SSB LV2, a workout which up until a few days ago I would have seen as impossible to complete.

In non-covid times I do mainly triathlons, my season tending to include all distances from Sprint to full. I also do the odd TT now and then.

I’ve found the SSB LV program excellent - very well designed. Each workout feels tough but doable.

As I am still way off racing (season starts in June for me), and I was wondering what plan I should follow next? I do the low volume variants as I also run 5x a week as well. I have time for 3, maybe 4 sessions on the bike a week (at a push)

I don’t really have a particular aim - just get myself as bike fit as possible using the limited time. In triathlon, cycling is my weaker discipline (my FTP is 3.7w/kg at the moment)

What do you all do? I’ve seen there is a post in 2018 asking the same thing, but I thought it may be worth seeing if there are new opinions.

EDIT: Seeing the other thread, I should add that I’ve completed all the workouts so far and not really found any type more difficult than another (e.g. VO2 max vs TH). So I’m not sure where my ‘weakness’ is, apart from being slow :slight_smile:
Thank you for any replies!

Hmm, without doing the math of how many weeks you have until your goal event, maybe consider doing a block of build (sustained power build) before taking a bit of a transition and then going back to base before you run through the whole base - build - specialty cycle.

ok, thanks. Had similar thoughts myself - it looks quite tough :slight_smile: