Off season training question

Ok Just finished my last race of the year. I used the low volume half distance plan. I am now going to put heavy focus on strength training before planning my next season race schedule.
I want to keep my bike fitness but my focus will be building over all strength. Squats ,deadlifts etc.
Was looking for recommendations for a bike plan 3 days a week. Or would 3 medium distance endurance rides be sufficient?
I will also be sprinkling in a few swims and runs.
I am male and 58 years old.
Thanks for any suggestions

Around Father’s Day FasCat had a ridiculously good sale on their training plans and after listening to their podcast on offseason lifting I purchased the 10 Week Resistance Training plan. I have not done it yet, but at a high level the plan includes about four days of cycling each week - 2 endurance rides each 1-2 hours, a longer Z2 ride on the weekends, and maybe an interval session to compliment the lifting (e.g. hard starts, low cadence, etc).

I know it’s not a TR product but it might be worth checking out their offseason plans. They also have 16 and 32 week plans that include sweet spot base. It looks like there is a 25% discount that pops up, too.