Suggestion: TSS Graph to show race TSS in different colour/shade

Hi, I was looking at my TSS graph in Career today and thinking, “Well I know why it has dropped because I have entered the racing season and I am repeatedly tapering for long Time Trials each week”.

However the graph does not show races, only indoor or outdoor sessions. I was thinking it would be great if it showed TSS from races (as indicated by the entry in the calendar), in a different colour on the TSS chart. That would show how much of the graph was racing vs other training.

It would be useful to highlight the racing season as a seasonality piece on the calendar, and career, and help to spot training drops due to taper or a major recovery, rather than simply as week that was low (for some reason).

(I actually keep a separate record in a different spreadsheet to do this, but without the career weekly graph and it is not as clear and obvious as it would be in the TR career .)

Now I know i could get all detailed here and suggest different shades for A, B and C races, but that seems a bit excessive. So simply showing “Race” would be good enough for me.

Also many perhaps only have a few main races a season. For them this would make the TSS story across the season even more obvious. I am racing perhaps twice a week with a mid-week 10 and often a 25 to 100 miler at the weekend. I would see a rising climb in this colour through the season, with definite peaks for major long races.

I am sure it would definitely help to explain the seasonal TSS trends to show racing intensity TSS compared with indoor (TrainerRoad) and outdoor training sessions (which you already do).

Just an idea in the melting pot.


Great idea.

I’m away to implement that in my own PMC spreadsheet…


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Oh, yeah. Good idea for sure!

I totally agree that having something that denotes how Race TSS has affected your training would be very useful. I have passed along your idea to the rest of the TR Team, and we will see what we can do!

Thanks for the feedback. :+1: Keep the good work!


Thanks @Tucker

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