Feature request on options for TSS chart

The TSS chart at the top of the calendar is a great way to see training load over time. Really helpful.

There are two additional views for this chart that I think would be helpful:

  1. Hours. Being able to see trends in hours per week over time would be super helpful, as it would allow you to see what’s a realistic training duration to fit into the realities of your schedule.

  2. Average TSS per hour. This would allow you to see if the average intensity of workout is changing over time. Certainly, as I get closer to my A event, I expect to increase my training intensity. While this time of year, I’d like to keep my intensity low. This view would also be helpful in diagnosing what worked in a previous seasons training - e.g. did I perform well after a step up in intensity in my training?

The default view could be TSS, and a drop-down menu could be used to toggle between the views,

In the meantime, if these views are available via an other approach, I’d be interested to know.