Scale of TSS graph on Calender


Is there an issue with the scale of my TSS chart on the Calendar page? See screenshot below. Should it look like this or should I be able to see the TSS bars properly, it looks as though the Y-axis sale could do with altering - Either that or I need to MTFU and add more TSS to each week!


To be fair to myself, my TSS chart looks like this on my Career Page so how do I get it to look like that on the Calendar page?

That sure looks like some sort of bug to me. It should not look like that.

Here is mine from the Calendar.

And from the Career for reference.

Hey Justal,

This definitely looks like a known bug. See those vertical lines on your graph? That could be a ride (or two or three) that has a crazy high TSS and is messing with the scale of your overall TSS graph.

To fix it, you can either exclude the TSS from the(se) outlying ride(s), or if you had a really low FTP on a past ride (say, 20), change your FTP history for those rides with high TSS, since they could be affected by that metric being off.

You can also shoot us an email at Our Support Team would be happy to take a deeper look into that for you.


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Thanks Bryce,
I had thought that might be the case as well but I don’t think it is in this instance. The vertical lines on the graph above the Calendar aren’t rides with crazy high TSS but are marking the end of the year / start of the next year.

I’ve sent an email to Support.