TSS Bar Chart Colors (Feature Request)

Can outdoor trainerroad sessions please be either dark green or a intermediate green to distinguish them from non TR outdoor rides in calendar. Thank you.


Thanks for the suggestion @dooverylittle. Now that we have the ability to complete a structured TrainerRoad workout outside, we do need a way to properly account for that TSS on the TSS chart.

The major obstacle is that, at the moment, we do not have any way to differentiate an Outdoor TR workout from a normal outside ride. We would likely need to add a toggle that allows you to mark a ride as a structured workout, but our Developers are working on other projects at the moment. Once we have a logical way to differentiate the two types of outside rides, we will be able to depict TSS more accurately on the chart :+1:.


Ahh, I see. Okay no problem, thank you for taking the time to explain.

Yes, better presentation of outdoor workouts is needed in the charts. As often mentioned in the podcast you want to correlate your performance/FTP to adherence to structured work.

Maybe this gets resolved with some sort of compliance metrics that @Nate_Pearson is hinting at?

But in the meantime @Bryce you don’t need a toggle. You have a way to differentiate already in place: If an outdoor workout was scheduled for the day and there is a outside ride that day, just assume that outside ride was that structured workout (should be most probable) and color that TSS dark green in the graph.