Projected TSS differs between Career and Calendar charts


My TSS Chart in Career Page and in Calendar differs significantly for future/projected levels. Is this a bug? Anyone else having this issue?



I have noticed this as well. No idea why. Like the OP, my rolling 6wk average TSS trend lines in the weekly TSS chart that’s on both the Calendar page (at the top) and on the Career page, don’t match up. They show different 6wk trends.

Am i missing something or shouldn’t these be the same? Below are my own examples:

Calendar TSS Chart - showing a 6wk trend of 321 for the week of Jan 21.

Career TSS Chart - showing a 6wk trend of 484 for the week of Jan 21.

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Don’t want this going into the abyss. Given the data oriented culture of this forum and of the TR crew, I’m surprised that there are discrepancies between Career and Calendar TSS charts.

Does anyone have exact matches, or other examples of them not matching? I’d love to understand what is going on to have the 6wk calculations fluctuate…


This is a pretty old bug that I contacted support about. Surprised it’s not been fixed yet.


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Yes I am also curious if all users have diffs between the charts or if only a few users?

Close but not the same here:

Little “mtn top” peak in week 3 on career page:

And “little mtn” top peak in week 4 over on calendar page:

Waiting for fix then. Hope they will check this issue soon,

Prediction on my Calendar page has a strange dip as well.
Carreer page looks normal

I can confirm that I see this discrepancy too in projected TSS between my Career and Calendar page.

I contacted support with this issue a few weeks ago. I also see inconsistencies in activity TSS Between website/desktop app/mobile app. Painful to see new features being rolled out while these go unresolved. I feel that the correct display of data is paramount to buying in to the TR approach and trusting the predictions/projections.

Same here. Is it when we make changes to the plan mid week?

Does anyone else have a drop in 6 week avg TSS on the upcoming week on the calender page?
On my career page it looks OK. See pictures below


Yeah, it’s been mentioned a few times on here. I haven’t heard any official response to it, but it’s definitely noticed by multiple people.

Hey guys!

I looked into this and we have an open “issue” for it sitting in our backlog. Our dev team is aware of it, but the fix hasn’t been prioritized recently since we’ve had our resources focused elsewhere. If we get a fix put in for it in the near future, I’ll try to comment here to update everyone. Thanks for pointing it out! :smile:

@larry I’ve noticed the same thing and kinda driving me nuts :neutral_face:
Is it calculated differently or at different points of the week career vs calendar?



Edit: Honestly thought this was a bug with my own account a while back, today it was really annoying, I asked around and was directed towards this post and it seems this is a known issue… A function that is used 24/7 (as @PT1 notes) I don’t understand why this “issue” has existed for so long…

Appreciate the openness from the dev team, but having a feature that tells you two different things really needs sorting out as a priority - this is the stuff that users are ‘using’


I understand and completely agree! I checked with our Web product manager and we’re hoping to get it addressed in the coming weeks. We don’t have a lot of manpower on the Web side at the moment, since we’re focused on an app revamp. Like I said, I’ll keep you all posted! Cheers!


Yes, please keep us posted… :+1:t3:

Just for context, I opened a support ticket about this very issue on October 15 2018!


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If I could fix it myself, I would!! :crossed_fingers: that we get it taken care of soon…