Stuck at 4,0 w/kg

over 1/2 year on trainerroad and my ftp is stuck at same value from the start, i feel more powerfull in the sort power eforts ( up t0 5min)… but general condition… ftp is still at 4w/kg…

what can i do to improve it?

  1. You’re only 1/2 a year into TR training, at an already high w/kg, most people see decreasing returns on FTP as you get higher up the w/kg ladder.
  2. You’re increasing power in short power, which I assume is your training goal, which is the point of training, to get better at the power requirements for the events you’re participating in.
  3. Make sure you’re eating enough and recovering enough to properly respond to the training stimulus.

I wish I had the worry of being stuck at 4 w/kg…


2/3 of the forum just experienced a micro-aggression.


Which training plans have you done?

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Stop focussing on what your FTP is!!!

Your efforts up to 5 mins are the race winning efforts. If these are improved, that’s a great gain!!