Struggling with sessions in last week of build

Hi folks, hoping all the experts can help.

I’m a long time TR user but new to this phenomenon. I’m in the last week of build using Plan Builder. I’m training for a tour of the Alps in July (hopefully if C-19 doesn’t ruin it).

I’m struggling with the last few high intensity sessions to the point where I’m struggling to complete the last few intervals above FTP without having to pause for 30s. My HR recovery is good, but my legs feel toasted.

This has occured for maybe the last 4 high intensity sessions, and them on Sunday I couldn’t complete sweetspot as my legs were loaded and wouldn’t clear.

The question then is, should I just call it a day on my build phase and start my recovery week early or should I pick lower intensity but still challenging and achievable variations of the training to stay in sync with my plan.

I am having a few gastro issues as well which I’m going to be seeing a consultant about but it doesn’t feel like that is affecting my sessions (because my cardio response is still good). It feels more like my legs are smashed and need resting.

I’m 50, and on mid-volume build, previously on SSB. Soon to be heading to Climbing road race speciality I believe.

Thanks in advance all.


  • Seems like a good idea to me. Continuing to hammer yourself and miss goals of workouts consistently sounds like a sign. 1 or 2 workout issues are fine. But a string like this should be recognized, especially if it is something “new” for you.

Somewhat related, but many masters age athletes find changing the work/rest ratio for training plans to be beneficial, with an aim toward more recovery. I wrote up my current plan I am using for my Build, and plan to apply in Specialty too. Could be worth consideration.

Thanks @mcneese.chad, I’m a long time follower of your sage advice so good to get your input.

I think the logic to rest now is sound, although of course the competitor in me wants to ring out the last few drops from build phase.

Do you think it would have a detrimental effect to have a week and a half of recovery if I stick to the plan builder plan and also have recovery next week?

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  • I am far from the expert on this topic, but based on my own experience, and what I take from the podcasts, more recovery is likely better than less… if you could “choose”. They had some really good recovery info in the last couple of podcasts if you have missed them, and are well worth a listen.

  • I’d cut to recovery now, let the body recover for at least 3-4 days. If it’s like usual for me, you may even feel worse in that time. If so, continue to the full recovery week and evaluate again. I think you rinse and repeat that to see if you get your legs back. I’d rather take one or two extra days easy or off the bike, than restart too early. Make sure you are fresh physically and mentally and be ready to really crush the hard stuff.

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