End of build fatigue

Morning everyone,

Looking for some advice (if this can go anywhere else feel free to direct)

Week 7 of build, end goal of a 70.3. No swimming till next week in the U.K. so replacing swims with Baxter-2 or petit.

Yesterday and today my workouts have not been good, despite adequate fueling I’ve not made it through carpathian peak -2 or my long run today. Heart rate is much higher as is RPE.

Made sure yesterday afternoon I had a nap, decent nights sleep yesterday and a little bit more to eat last night with more hydration but still a struggle today and I cut my run early because I couldn’t stay close to zone.

As tomorrow is my last day before recovery week should I

a) try and get through tomorrow’s workout Fish-2 which is 1.33 .88 IF 120 tss and then a 30 minute brick run

b) start recovery week early and take it very easy tomorrow

Cheers lads and ladies

Build does take a lot out of you… Many examples in the forum.
As its the final effort, it tends to be one of the highest exertion levels. You have said your HR was higher can be affected by many things temperature etc. Is your rest HR higher too? One nap and a better sleep may help a bit.
The main thing it is only one training session. I would do a 60-75% recovery ride and start the recovery week early. No point in starting the training session and having to stop half way through.
By doing 7 weeks of build you will have done sufficient stress to get the training affects.

Good luck when the swimming can start again.

Overtraining wall

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Yeah heart rate can be variable but I’ve been using it for running long enough now that I can tell my heart rate when couple of rpe and pace down to a couple of beats. 7am in England it’s a bit muggy today but certainly not an issue with the temperature, think I’ll take your advice do a recovery ride and an easy easy run tomorrow and start recovery week early.

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Every day could be different and you could suddenly have legs again, so I’d give it a go. You should know early on if it’s a good day or not. If not, then I would bail, but if you do have legs it could be a huge psychological boost going into recovery.

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Take a day off completely, maybe two. Smash your final workout, go into recovery week and follow plan as normal or start it a bit early - I find after 5 days easy I’m ready to start again - a weeks recovery is not necessary for everybody.

Build takes it out of you and towards the end you will feel fatigued. Sometime ill take an extra rest day and push things back and usually end up completing the workouts perfectly - you can’t underestimate the psychological benefit of smashing your final workouts either going into the next phase.

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Building phase is definitely draining, both physically and mentally. We’ve all been there. You are not alone!

Since this is the very last HARD workout in this phase, I will at least give it a push if it was me. But also at the same time, give yourself enough time so that you feel you’re more or less ready. If you don’t feel it tomorrow, just do it the next day. Sometimes you just need to give your body a bit longer time to recover from previous hard effort.

It’s only gonna be another 90mins maximum. Chances are: you won’t probably remember if you’ve nailed or failed Fish-2 in three months. So why bother? But your body would “silently” record each of your effort as long as you don’t feel you’re over-trained.

Even by then you have to bail out, just acknowledge the fact you’ve tried the best and appreciate how far you’ve been through for the past months. Stick to the plan and enjoy each of your ride, hard work will pay off!

Best of luck!

Not sure if it helps but I just failed carpathian peak yesterday so you’re not alone.
I’m thinking heat might have something to do with it, my paranoia brain is also thinking covid, but really if you’ve been training for a few weeks, no wonder fatigue builds up.
I’d probably at least one harder workout and probably one or two easier ones too, just to lower fatigue a bit.

You might have other life factors which could interfere with your training whether or not you recognize it. It is also common to be fatigued at the end of build phase as it is the hardest training block. What I would recommend is just show up. Get on the trainer and just start the workout and you might be surprised at how motivated you are just after the warm up!