I'm struggling to complete some workouts. What should I do moving forward?

I’m currently working through the mid-volume training plan, and am on the second week of my build phase. This week has proved by far the hardest so far. With the V02 max session at the start of the week, and my threshold session today, I have found myself completing 50 - 70% of the session before calling it quits. If anyone could offer any advice on what to do moving forward with my plan I would be very grateful!

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Hi - which build plan are you on (General, Short, Sustained)? And how did you find the 2 phases of Base?

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Knock 5% off the intensity of the VO2/Super threshold work or try easier versions - I do this all the time - I follow the general structure but find that at 52 compliance would be tough on some sessions - there are 2000+ workouts in the library.

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I am on sustained power build

I am in EXACTLY the same situation to the day in the same plan. I threw in the towel this morning…didn’t even attempt the workout (in my case though it was the 1:15 over-under workout…I switch Thursdays and Saturdays). I’m scrapping the build phase as an impossibility, and will be resting/easy riding till tuesday or wed, then starting a new plan of some sort. Probably polarized.

I guess this doesn’t really answer your question though…sorry lol. Just letting you know you’re not the only one.

That’s a hard plan, no two ways about it…rewarding though.

How was the base phase - did you get any FTP bumps, did you manage all the sweet spot and over/under workouts ok?

The long VO2 sessions can be tough - I don’t think I completed any of them exactly as prescribed when I did Sustained Power Build, but I still came out of the plan feeling much stronger. If they’re too much, turn down the intensity and/or don’t be afraid to take a short backspin. On the later efforts, set yourself a target - no backspins until you’re at least 3mins in, say.

Do you ride in Erg mode? If so, try resistance mode instead - and just give the efforts everything you have … that’s sometimes easier than having to reach out and hammer the minus button to turn down the intensity in Erg.

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@Mich_00 if you’re at the point in the plan I think you are…Monday is typically a short duration VO2max day and Saturday is normally a long duration VO2max day! Ha! :smiley:

First thing you should do is knock down that Saturday workout intensity. Start low and build it back up by feel. If I was getting ready to do Raymond +7 I’d START that workout so the workrate during the interval is my TrainerRoad FTP. Get halfway through that interval and judge for yourself if you need to move the intensity up.

You might feel like you’re wasting part of the workout…but, hey, you’re already only getting through ~ half the workout anyway. So might as well burn the first couple intervals trying to discover what the right intensity is. Try starting the 2nd interval at the same intensity you ended the first interval at.

Stop watching power. Allow yourself to bump up the intensity…wait 40 seconds to see how it feels…and then adjust again (up or down). Make it your objective to find an intensity that allows you to finish the last two intervals but only just.

Now, whatever that power is, you’ve got it dialed. Use it next Saturday. That’s TrainerRoad letting you do you.


Thanks to all for the advice! I’m thinking of changing the plan to low volume and repeating the sweet spot base period. I’ll probs also aim to get two endurance rides during the week.


I had a similar experience. Did 3 weeks of mid-volume SPB recently after SSB mid volume and was wrecked… Took a couple of easy weeks and am now about to re-start but low volume this time, with some ooutside endurance rides added. Debated repeating base but feel like that is just pushing Build down the road when I really want to complete that phase having iven up in previous years.


You can always substitute a longer ride of equivalent TSS. Yes, you lose some benefit but you will still. progress.

A few questions that could help:
What was your FTP in the base phase and what is your current FTP?
How do you assess your FTP? Ramp test?
Did you complete Sweet Spot Base II fairly successfully? If so, how did you do with Lamarck?

Multiply your peak 1 min power from your last ramp test by .72 instead of .75 … set your FTP there.

For me, this is a much better approximation of the FTP I should be training at.

There are a ton of opinions on this board from over the years about how to deal with failed workouts … to me it all boils down to having your FTP set too high, and perhaps too many days of intensity. But get the FTP set right first.

Good luck🤘

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This video might be of interest. Hopefully not depressing, but interesting in that as we age FTP does not decrease as quickly as VO2max (and fractional utilization increases.) One of my takeaways is that if one’s FTP is about correct, older athletes should tune down VO2max workouts, possibly more as they age.

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Do you think you are failing because you aren’t able to recover or is it that the work bits are just too hard?

If the work is just too hard I would argue that your FTP isn’t your FTP. If it’s due to no being able to recover, I would say tone it back a bit. Perhaps go for a minus option or leave out one of the easier workouts.

Not at all. Anyone who writes plans or coaches athletes advises flexibility, and TR gives you many ways to flex.

The other thread you mention would be a better place for that particular discussion.


Is it not the same in the end? If it’s too hard, you push yourself so complete for a couple of sessions / weeks and that just can not be recovered.

I have a natural predisposition to recovering fast (ADN and situational tested), but I never had this experience before trining in the other platforms.

And I say this, as I already mentioned, truly loving the app and all the rest.

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Not burnout tinkering my friend, I’ve trainer a lot for many many years across different sports and this or what I hear from others is not what I would call normal tinkering.

No, it’s not. Taking Z4 as an example. This zone should feel hard but still be very doable. Those workouts are certainly not the kind one can only complete when all the stars align. It also should not take you 3 days to recover from one session of that kind.

If you say so. Yet even super humans will have a hard time working 80-90 hours per week while pushing 400-500TSS. Especially during build where intensity is a predominant factor.

It’s great that you love it. Makes it easier to make it work for you. :wink:

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Probably why I’m better at 50m TT than 10m :laughing: