Struggling with how to arrange the schedule


I am struggling with how to arrange the next few weeks.
Some context.
For the past few weeks I was doing a base training. The longest run was 70 minutes.
I was doing OK with swim/run days, and the occasional short run brick.

Now I am entering a build phase, so the run time will increase.
This week Saturday I have Warlow and a 40 min run Saturday and an 80 minute run Sunday.
I am thinking about swapping things this week and move warlow plus brick to Sunday and have the swim and LR Friday
Question here is, do i want to do LR after a day like Warlow and 40 min brick? Sounds like a painful idea…but IDK.

Now next week is where Im not sure what to do.
Th - McAdie + 55 min run.
F - Swim + 50 min run
S - Pettite
Su - Phoenix + 30 minutes.

I feel I want to move the 55 minutes after McAddie to Saturday and mix with Pettite.
But that would give me 3 days of consecutive running and 2 days of back to back Bricks.

My biggest issue is that I can only swim M-F (only times the pool is open early).
Other option I may have, is swim on consecutive days, and do the Tu bike wo after a swim wo. Not sure how would that go.

Any sugestions?

I know your problem very much having struggled myself with fitting too many sessions In too few days.

You could move the brick after mcadie, swapping sessions. If it’s a one time change you could also just let the brick go. Make Sunday Phoenix and then as second session a run late in the day.

If it’s a structural thing I find that taking out one session from the plan and making the plan fit for my life, not the other way around, is better!

Don’t know what plan you’re on but I have done that many times in HIM and IM prep. I find that for a long run it’s not so bad to be a bit fatigued and it is very close to how I feel on race day (tired).

Having said that there are other schools that would always put the run on sat and the bike on sun, to be fresh and have less injury risk for the run (Joe Friel Training Bible)

Re: 3 days running in a row, this is totally ok if you don’t feel too much fatigue. I would avoid it personally but others do just fine with that. Careful, injury risk.

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Thanks for the suggestion

This is probably an understatement!
I need to approach training more like this…

Im on a HIM plan.
Ive been suggested to do LR after hard bike sessions to mimic race legs… But i always have struggled with that, specially since im doing bricks all the time.

i live in Florida. Any running after 9 am is pure hell. I’ve done it, but i reserve that punishment for race day.