Race rehearsal order

I am doing the full distance plan and my race is 4 weeks from Sunday. The plan on the calendar is longfellow (4 hour) 75 min brick run, and 1 hour continuous swim. Now the run specifically calls out that it is to follow the bike. But the Swim does not. I am losing anything by doing Bike Run Swim? My pool does not open until 830 or 9 this weekend do to swim meets, and starting the whole thing 3.5 hours later than I could if I did it BRS vs SBR is pretty appealing. Thoughts?

Sometimes I think you need to be flexible with these things. Constraints quite often impact on real life.

And Sometimes you ask a question that you kind of already know the answer to, but you ask the forum, and someone confirms what you felt, and you feel better! Thanks wildwill

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