Structure of base 1 and 2

Is it normal to start Base 1 (4 weeks)
rest week
Build (1 week)–where I currently am at
Base 2 (5 straight weeks)
rest week

Seems like a wierd to have a week of build and followed by 5 more weeks of Base 2.
All of this under the 3 workouts/week on LV climbing RR plan.
Anyone have insight on this being normal?
First A race June 11

Thanks as always for the insights.


I think it’s a bug of plan builder being too rigid and trapped into combining the existing block structure from the static plans towards a fixed date (some A event).

Look that thread here (TR seems to argue that it „depends on the recovery needs of the athlete“):

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This 54 yr old cannot sustain blocks like that without recovery. Is @SarahLaverty a TR person who can address the PB issue I have??

On a side note, I guess I set my training plan to rolling road race. Is there a way to change that to Climbing Road Race as my events are the 3 Pisgah Triple Crown mtb events. Or do I have to delete the plan and start over? Or is RRR a good plan for the climbing events of the 3 races at Pisgah???

Yes @SarahLaverty and @IvyAudrain are TR support and can help you (or you can also mail or chat with support).

I’d manually rearrange the plan to be more of the 3:1 style as shown above in my linked post but it’s clumsy. Or just skip some days in the middle of your base 2 phase when feeling for recovery.

You can change the type of plan by going to the start of speciality phase in calendar and clicking on that.

Depends on the type of race (terrain and efforts required). RRR is kind of mixed / allround plan with some punchy stuff. Climbing road race emphasizes on more even / longer sustained efforts.

I think it’s worth a try to delete the plan and setting different start date for a new plan (one week later). That could yield a better plan structure if your actual training allows for that change.

I’ll leave the rest to the support crew of TR.

Thanks Rizzi–I hope to hear additional comments from @SarahLaverty or @IvyAudrain about the crazy blocks in my PB schedule.


I would suggest you to contact customer support instead of waiting for an answer here. I would expect you to get faster help that way :slight_smile:

There is even the possibility to chat with a CS representative instead of creating a ticket which would be even faster :wink:

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Hey Terry!

It looks like Eddie from Support was able to set your Plan right :raised_hands:. If 6 weeks still feels too long without a rest week, you may wish to add a Time Off Annotation, and use TrainNow to schedule Workouts during that week.

Check out this article to learn how to add a Time-off Annotation to your Calendar: Add and Edit Annotations.

Let me know if you have any questions about this!

Ok, thanks for the link for editing. A question though, I’ve been a subscriber for at least 5 years and don’t recall 6 week blocks before a rest week. When/why was that changed?

Thanks again,


Hey Terry! With the help from the team, we realised that you are running into an edge case issue due to your specific event schedule and chosen experience level. I am going to speak to Coach Chad to see if we can make some changes to prevent athletes running into this scenario in the future.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Thank you very much!! TR support has always been phenomenal!