Does rest week needs to be full week

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I’m interested does the rest week needs to be a full week or it can be just a few days. For example, I usually have a 10-12hrs week (Mon: -, TUE: 1.5h z2, WED: vo2 max (4x5 or short-shorts) 1.5h, THU: 2h z2, FRI: 1h recovery, SAT: 3h MTB or thresholds like long climbs or 4x8 or similar. SUN: 3-4h z2).

So is it enough to have every few weeks MON-FRI day off - 1h z2 - day off - day off - 1h z2 and then having regular weekend or is it important to have two more easier days? or even just 3 days is enough because I have one full off bike and one rest day every week?

I usually ride outside and I’m on trainer only when is a bad weather outside.

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It doesn’t need to be a full week, but you do want to take step back from your usual workload. I’m not sure if just dropping the midweek sessions is enough, especially as recovery is typically impacted during the week by work anyway. Typically you’d want to cut volume in half, so I’d also drop one of the weekend rides or make it a lot shorter.

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As I’ve got older I’ve found 5 day recovery / deloading week in every 3 weeks beneficial at certain points in the season.
Think I posted my suggestion in the Sweet Spot Progression thread.

Basically not a full week just 5 days but more often (also enables making use of extra time to train at the weekend.)


A week off is just another generic term some coaches use when in reality it doesn’t have to be so long depending on the rider and training load. If you feel some shorter / easier rides during the week is sufficient recovery before the weekend then go ahead and do that.

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I might be in a reasonable place to answer this later today! Last week was my rest week, but I had a big ride on Sunday compared to schedule (340TSS) and tonight is my ramp test. The previous weekend I performed Galena as an outside workout and used the final 20 minute interval as an ftp test as I was finding outdoor workouts too easy. My ftp was 242 but even with this being my third 20 min interval of workout I averaged 280 giving a new ftp of 266. Interested to see tonights ramp test - drops and Sunday’s ride definitely an issue, stagnant and the jury is out, a rise and I’d say Sunday hasn’t had too much effect and the full week of rest not needed. I’ll never know what tonights result might have been without Sunday’s effort but you’ve got to have some fun on the bike as well or what’s the point?

Nothing strange, my indoor FTP is about 10% smaller than outside.
(Good multiple fans, same bike, same power meter…)

Interesting topic this as i also feel the rest week that TR subscribes is a little excessive. To add some context i am a 29 year old male, training almost exclusively outside following trainerroad workouts. On average 14 - 16 hours a week and 5.2 wpkg.

I have found that on rest weeks i take Monday Off, Tuesday Very Easy, Wednesday i usually do a short sweet Spot session such as 4 x 10 mins. Then a similar session on Thursday. Friday i take off or very easy and then i usually plan to make the most of not having a structured interval session and fresher legs to go on the Saturday morning hammer ride, usually a 200+ TSS session. Sunday i will ride the MTB unstructured for around 3 hours.

I find that i really put the empathises on stepping away from the real structure as i find that to be mentally fatiguing as much as it fatigues my body. I do however ensure that i continue to keep most systems firing whilst freshening up. I have found this to be best for me.