Strength training with kettlebells

Unfortunately with a very small baby at home trips to the gym are curtailed at present, but I do have kettlebells at home…

What would @chad and other suggest as a routine to do three times a week for thirty minutes?

There is a thread about strength training which you might get some useful ideas/exercises from: Strength Training

Three times a week might be more than you need, but here’s a routine I do with not more than 1.5 and 2pood Kettlebells at the house:

  • Bulgarian split squat (no weight required, really) OR

  • Goblet Squat - hold kettlebell in front… squat… repeat. OR

  • Pistol Squats

  • Pushups - numerous variants… Chad’s spiderman pushups… if you’re strong, you can lay a KB on its side, one hand on the floor, one hand on the KB, and do unbalanced pushups (carefully!).

  • Plank (I do 3x90s-2:00, but there are a lot of Plank progressions out there you can do in 5 min)

  • Kettlebell swing (works posterior chain similar to deadlift)

  • KB single arm row

An advanced core option would be a Turkish get-up.
If you have a pull-up bar, you can do pullups as well.

The thing about working with KBs, like anything else, is maintaining good form. Most of these exercises are going to be higher reps than you’d do with a barbell, but you can get a pretty tremendous workout in with just one or two kettlebells.


Thanks for this. Pistol squats - spicy! Have managed to do them with a TRX but I have big giraffe legs so every time I tried them without TRX I end up on my back like a turtle…