Enter the Kettlebell free on Prime

This might be a bit off topic, but one of the foundational videos for KB training is now on Amazon Prime. Pavel is a legend.
The video is a little dated (and hilarious), but the movements are the same ones I paid $$$ to trainers to teach me.



Good catch, I’ll definitely check it out! I’ve been doing a lot of KB training on my new 2020 strength regime, really enjoying it!

Good catch thanks. Swings are a great antidote to what cycling can do posturally. It’s a good reset.

It’s awesome. Does it still have the foundry ‘hot hot metal’ section?

Enter the Kettlebell & Pavel were my introduction to the hard style and I really need to get back into it and stop using them as doorstops!


What kettlebell weights are people using?

Mine are Pro Grade (so all weights are the same size) ones from the seemingly now-defunct kettlebells.com.au. I have a 16kg for general use and a 24kg for a goal (just over 1/3 my bodyweight).

40m of kettlebell, i’m intrigued! thanks for sharing!

I started with 16kg.
I bought my kettlebells from kettlebellkings.com. They often have a sale going, so if you time it right you can score a decent deal.


I have a 16 and a 24kg.

The 24kg is ok for swings and squats but the 16kg is far too heavy for any upper body stuff :sweat:

Thanks for sharing the video OP - I’ve only watched the first 5mins but the “dead-lifting with your face against a wall” is already a revelation.

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I have 2 rogue fitness ones. They are great.

Thanks for sharing, I watched a few of Pavel’s videos on youtube a couple of years back, then bought Simple & Sinister and started working on that. Have now progressed to heavy get ups and bent press, mainly 32kg or low reps with the 36kg. The movements are amazing and great for overall strength.

I’m in the UK and most of my KBs are from Wolverson, however i recently got a 40kg from Real Strength UK and pleased with that too.

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Comrade! I got my first kettlebell this week and watched this video to learn proper technique. It’s excellent. If you want to learn, he will teach you. If you do not want to, he will MAKE you.


Tried that this morning - good stuff!

wooohoo a kettlebell thread.

I’ll definitely borrow my neighbors prime subscription to watch those, trying to get the wife into them to prevent her back issues shes been getting once or twice a year.


I used to be huge into them a few years ago… but then i became a parent and fat. lol
I’m personally finally getting back into swinging them again. I do mostly hardstyle but sometimes ill mix it up with some kb sport longcycles and what not

I still have my 3 kettlebells, 35lbs, 50lbs, 70lbs
One of my goals this year is to get back to comfortably swinging the 70lbs one.

In order to do that, i’m going to use Pavel’s “Simple & Sinister” program.

For people who’ve already gotten the form down, a great challenge to jump start your posterior chain (maybe in base phase when you’re doing strength) is the 10k-swings-in-a-month-challenge. The only reason I’m talking about a challenge is it won’t be viable while you’re going into build and specialty, you can switch to more of a maintenance program after that (like simple & sinister)
The challenge (wow it’s 7 years old lol)

Some pointers


Simple and Sinister is awesome.
In about 10 months I went from barely able to do a getup properly with an 8kg KB to completing a full set comfortably with a 32Kg. On really good days I’d bust out the 40kg for a couple reps and feel like a hero.
Of course now I’m back to a 16kg because I’ve let the KBs collect dust… :laughing:

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I might buy my wife an 8kg to get her started (from some Pressing action as well), secretly it might be able to help with my getups hahahaha the 35lbs is brutal

My god this is pure gold. As good as Pumping Iron.
“If you don’t have good judgment, why don’t you stay on the machines, you big sissy?”


Watched with my (college age) daughter and we were laughing our asses off. Dude has awesome form, but the production is hilarious. Wife came home, looked, and said “thats how I look in the gym” and we had no comeback because its true (my wife kicks ass).

I’ll have to check this out. Currently have about a month left in the gym before I’m switching to doing my strength training from my garage home gym (mostly TRX, balance ball, pull up bar). Just purchased my first set of kettle bells, so this is timely!!

Pavel and John Ducane, who ran the RKC org before Pavel left to do his own thing.

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