Kettlebell Programs for mtb

Looking for recommendations for kettlebell programs for mountain bikers.

I ride mainly trail and all mountain. Currently in my first sweet spot base and progressing from build to speciality but April 2021 for start of the season. I don’t race but looking for a program to compliment my riding and reduce injury.

Looking for training I can do at home during lockdown. I have a 12, 16 and 24kg Kettlebell and am competent in the basic movements e.g swing, clean, snatch , TGU

Has any tried Ben Plenge MTB Strength Factory?


Bike James Kettlebell Programme?

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I have the dvd but this is a good full body complement. Not a program but decent place to get started.

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I do a lot of kettlebell work in my strength training some great exercises for power and strength are:

kb thrusters
kb goblet squats
kb swings
kb single arm snatch
kb single leg squat
kb step ups

I don’t do Turkish get ups simply because I don’t like the sustained shoulder stress and i have had bursitis in my left shoulder in the past.


Look up Dialed Health. He has structured programs you can pay for, but follow his Instagram and find an endless supply of MTB-specific KB movements and workouts.


I like Steve Cotter’s material. His Extreme Kettlebell DVDs aren’t exactly recent and it shows in the production, but the content is still excellent IMO.


How do You do ‘single leg squat’ with KB? The pistol technique? I tried but it is very difficult to me

Thanks, how do you combine these exercises into a workout?

It’s the building of a program that I’m finding most difficult.

Thanks, I listen to the dialled health podcast and follow his social media.

Unfortunately he doesn’t offer a kettlebell programme, just a few individual workouts.

I put my foot behind me on a box jump or weight bench and grasp two kettle bells by the handle and then lower myself until the bells are touching the floor and then return by straightening my leg. the rearward leg simply holds still for balance with the top of my toes flat on the bench/box.

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this is my program

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This guided workout was posted on Pinkbike today by him


I do this for a month then switch up moves and sets/ reps

I am following Pavels program from simple and sinister.
Basicly warmup, add flexibility and mobility then
100 one arm swings 50 each side 10 reps per set and almost a full recovery between sets anti glycolic i believe its called
10 turkish get ups focus on perfect motion
Repeat until strong

Started with a 16kg bell in both now doing it easily with 26kg gyms are closed so I can’t start working with a heavier bell.

I find the program highly effective and have seen many positive benefits after 31 sessions.


I like contralateral swings (I think that’s what they’re called) lots of bang for your buck in this movement. It’s basically a split leg single arm swing. So if your right foot is forward you swing with your left arm. Good for the posterior chain and grip. Also, tempo waiters squats for eccentric knee flexion and anti rotation.

As far as implementation I pyramid. So if I’m in a base cycle I’ll start very conservative and increase sets and reps through weeks 1-2-3 then work my way back down during weeks 4 and 5. Deload on the weights and bike at the same time. For a build/specialty cycle the same. Build during weeks 1 and 2, back off a little on week 3, deload. maybe with a little more caution since bike fitness takes priority.

Just do about 100 swings, 25 goblet squats, and a few presses, a few times a week. Take a look at Dan John’s work are lots of KB ideas.

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Lee Likes Bikes has a specific MTB strength program book. On his site or Amazon.

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Thanks Magnus

How many days a week are you doing simple and sinister?

What sort of volume of training are you completing?

Me too. Simple and sinister is great.


For the first couple of weeks i did it almost daily, after 40 sessions i am maintaining with 3 times per week, nordic ski season started so i try to balance out but i am very impressed with the program and think it has real benefits for cycling since it targets area us cyclist tend to neglect

Even practicing TGU with a shoe on fist or water bottle has some benefits,
I’ve managed to do a 50lbs tgu after down a certain program (my heaviest was 35lbs before that)
But weight isnt necessary. After doing that 50lbs i got a 15lbs in order to have a lighter weight to do it for “reps”