Strength Training App (body weight)

I’ve been using books to develop my strength training for a few years. Gym access is impractical as is a set of weights at home.

I recently did a free trial of the sufferfest and I really liked their strength videos, but a sub is a bit too expensive just for that (not really into their bike workouts). Is there anything out there that does something similar? Ideally I want videos with instructions to follow and some kind of progressive plan built in. Not worried at all about it being cycling specific - just want to keep the rest of my bod from fading away.

I recently signed up to sworkit, they do offer a free trial but it’s paid after that.

There’s nothing groundbreaking in it, you just select the type of workout you want, enter the time and it tells me exactly what to do which is what I like. There’s a video of each exercise.

I’m using it less than a month but enjoying it so far


Athlean x. P90x.

Thank both! Will check them out.

Just to add a few i have used in the past:

You are your own gym
Feeletics - more HIIT orientated
Adrian James - no real progressions for strength gains but a good beginner app
Nike Training Club - Good general workouts - some you have to pay for
Bodyweight Fitness - essentially the reddit bodyweight routine in an app

I just started Sworkit too, and subscribed after the free period. As you mentioned, I like that there is a video and instruction for every exercise. I also like that I can play my own music. I just put my iPad at the end of my yoga mat and I’m ready to go.

It gets a little repetitive, but I guess that’s what you get with body weight exercises. The same 8 exercises in 30 second segments over and over for 30 minutes does get a bit tedious.

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Have you considered using elastic bands for strength training?
I use Bodylastic bands which is adaptable to most bar/dumbbell exercises and they are very affordable.

There is (android and ios) but way more focused on weight lifting/powerlifting. Some friends at work (not cyclists) just started using it and like it.

I’ve seen lots of ads for:
Has anyone heard of “Dynamic Cyclist”? Is it BS?

Hi all,

It’s been a year since this thread so I thought I’d revive it to see if anyone has found any new bodyweight apps that are easy to use, or even better, have cycling focused workouts? SWORKIT works, but I got bored with it after a while.

Dialed fitness is great. Derek Teel is an experienced cycle racer and has been on the successful athletes podcast. He’s mentioned now and again on aacc. I use his programs and really like them. They are periodised and specially aimed at cyclists. You can take 7 days free to check it out. @Dialed_Health

Thanks for the reply. I looked at it a while back and it wasn’t a bodyweight thing. Has that changed?

There are a few no, or very low equipment ones. A flow, HIIT and mobility. Maybe not quite what you are looking for. I would really recommend getting a couple of kettlebells for great strength training at a very low cost. Again, just what I like and you may just want to do BW stuff.

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You dont need an app just paper and pen or the app strong where you can create 2 free workouts i think. Add in superman a squat, push up, pull up, dip, leg rais from bar, pike pushup, and a core to finish off. That should cover what you need. Dont now where to start in the progressions off this movements. Just type calisthenic and The movement on YouTube. I think the channel calisthenic movement is great. This is my bodyweight rutin plus a warmup and mobilty at the end. Thats my opinion. Hope you find what you need!

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Convict conditioning 1 and 2, its a book, there are apps. Will get your stronger than your average joe with bodyweight movements.

Then you’ll go on reddit and they’ll tell you CC is subpar and suggest this guys:

Honestly there are tons of way to approach it, but strength and mobility to me are the way to go