Has anyone heard of “Dynamic Cyclist”? Is it BS?

Has anyone heard of Dynamic Cyclist? This add showed up in my Instagram feed. My instinct is that this is BS.

I may be too susceptible to instagrams targeted advertising :confused:

Seems like an odd thing to charge for.

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I just subscribed to them. I will report back in a couple of weeks. They have a good library of Cycling specific stretching videos.


They study, analyse and industrialise manipulating us - it’s not surprising that it works.

I’m not a fan of stretching, it came from nowhere, developed into pseudoscience, now there is some grudging evidenced support for post exercise stretching…if you have a flexibility problem or are recovering from an certain injuries.


Cool thanks👍
Let me know what you think

@ktimesk how did you find it?

A couple years ago I read some kinda sciencey paper which stated there are very, very few body parts which can actually be stretched; the hamstring is one of them.

It continued, saying that stretching maybe very well be a mental phenomena in that we don’t actually get more flexible, our minds just get more used to a greater range of motion (kind of like working your way up to full 120% VO2max from 105%).

I wouldn’t say stretching is completely useless, but this can be goolged vs. bought

Alternatively for $8/mnth I will create a custom stretching routine for you and your cycling needs

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I have not been consistent as I have been traveling for work and moving next week. Start M7th or so I will do this for a month and see how it goes. Ask me in a month. :slight_smile:

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Anything can be researched and self programmed. There is nothing stopping anyone from studying how to build a comprehensive cycling program and then getting your smart trainer to execute those workouts. And yet here we all are. Services have value because they take the effort in programming out of the equation. Just show up and start the workout. Adding a financial commitment is an additional motivator for some.


I look forward to hearing about the results👍

Looking forward to hearing about it. I came across them from this https://www.ilovebicycling.com/what-is-adaptive-muscle-shortening/

I’m a big fan of the 15 minute Yoga sessions by Abi Carver. I really enjoyed those and did feel like my core was stronger. There was minimal BS too in those unlike the vast majority of Yoga sessions which will eat up your time listening to and performing movements that aren’t really a good use of your time and are more a test of patience if you’re just wanting a quick cross training session in the morning pre or post work. After a month or two you sort of out grow the Abi Carver sessions. I’d love something Yoga-like for cyclists but with more thought put into the long term progression.

Dynamic Cyclist program is probably good, and it sounds like they have a Yoga instructor to create sequencing. Might try the 7 day trial to see if the instructor is watchable/listenable. That’s another big factor - finding a presenter/instructor that not so much doesn’t irritate you, but is actually softly spoken and enjoyable while doing stretches or yoga etc.


I certainly cannot say whether stretching is BS or not, but I stretch or do more static yoga and foam roll at least once a day and have for many years.

But I have a hard time believing that the demands of stretching for cyclists are so specific that they require a tailored, paid plan. Compared to developing bike fitness with power based training, which requires a greater knowledge and commitment to program. There are many fantastic resources available online for free.

I would recommend searching for Kelly Starrett; this is a great website if you are starting with nothing: https://phrakture.github.io/starting-stretching.html, and for maybe check out the youtube channel Five Parks Yoga.

I do this routine a few times a week:


I’m one week into my first free-trial month. I came across the ad for stretching in a feed, and hadn’t realized that there are also strength programs.

On the stretching: there’s a 7 day onramp, which progresses you through each stretch with increasing durations. It’s a lot like a yoga app but only focused on the physical aspects and not all the other claptrap.

I’ve found the strength programs helpful. There are three phases (start, strengthen, endure?) each with a set of circuits and a monthly plan. The daily workouts vary from a focus on legs, core and full body. They don’t rely on a gym - mostly body weight, bands and dumbbells.

Is it a must have? Maybe not, but I find the the structured program helps me. Would prefer that this is part of TR.

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I signed up and have found the regimen hard to follow mostly because I was a bit turned off by the delivery of some of the trainers.

The program is solid in its foundation I think and definitely for certain people. On a forum, evaluating whether something is right for you is such an exercise in judgement by language.

I would have to say, at 44, having dropped from 2 centuries a week due to GI issues and spinal issues, having a little help in this category is welcomed, but so far my yoga routine and high cadence first 5 has been just as helpful… those just don’t pop up in my inbox the way this does.

This type of language is so counter to an extended routine of increased strength, accuracy, balance and range of motion.

If you’re a fan of these, stretching or active motion of increased range of motion and decreased tension on the contracting muscle is an absolute.

Otherwise, the results are very easy to measure and experience immediately and definitely long-term.

Like anything you can do it well or very wrong… I’ve read the same about stretching and it trends in and out. I’m also old enough to have known myself through many phases of many competitive sports. Anybody saying stretching “doesn’t work” or I don’t believe in it may just be gifted or not performing optimally in my experience. Typically accuracy suffers the most and range of motion.

For the record, since I’m a newb here, I’ve trained kids through high performance, endurance sport. Varying levels and methods of stretch play a huge role in how far they get and how likely they end up continuing with me or their sport or getting injury … and sometimes surgery.

I’ve been a member for over a year now and although stretching videos aren’t the most exciting, I honestly feel better than I ever have. I’ve struggled with back pain on the bike for years, and this has made it disappear. Could I stretch on my on, probably, but their program is easy to follow and holds me accountable.

Not sure if that helps, but I do recommend it! They’ve also added strength routines and training plans, which I’m excited to try when I have the time.


It’s a good point you make about the delivery. I’m just doing the on ramp intro course . I have a long background in yoga and can report that for this bit at least the delivery is really good and BS free. I’ll see what the next stages are like before I decide to continue long term

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I’ve tried dynamic cyclist, ready state, and romwod and none of them felt that they worked as good as youtube videos to me. Ymmv

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Working extremely well for me. I’ve had knee injuries for a couple of decades and it’s really helping. Back has been troubling for a couple of months… I just discovered the “back injury prevention” series and after 2 days the back pain has almost gone. (Which I think is pretty incredible, and probably because I’ve also been doing pilates for years, but stopped during the lockdown, so I guess my body was ready to engage with core strengthening exercises. Even so… I’m very happy with my $9/month…)

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