Separate Strength Training Program?

I am a 40+ mountain biker and while my on-bike fitness is important to me, I may actually be more limited by my strength and my skills. I currently use a different SYSTM in order to have a plan that incorporates on-bike fitness, strength, and yoga - but I would really like to give TrainerRoad a try. Simplicity matters to me, as does cost, so I am wondering how I could add an effective strength and flexibility program onto a TrainerRoad program for something like $20 per month? That is the thing holding me back right now. At home training with bands, dumbbells, and maybe kettlebell is more appealing to me than a gym, but I could go either way. I am experienced, so following a written program is an option, and I’ve been considering something like “Daily Burn”, too. My goal is to be stronger on the bike and get over steeper and tougher obstacles and to compete in 3 or 4 local races mostly against my own time and expectations (not to be on the podium).

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Much the same as me. 37 years old, MTB and wanted to incorporate strength training. I use Dialed Health training programs and have had good success so far. Would thoroughly recommend and Derek is really responsive if you reach out to him.

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I’ve been using an app named Volt for the past four months and really like it. It’s got sport specific training plans (cycling included) and creates a periodized training plan around your competitive season. It’s plans are similar to TR Plan Builder and created around what equipment you have access to. I’ve just finished SSB2 MV and was able to combine the strength training with the cycling workouts. It comes with a free week or month (dependent on the length of subscription you choose) and costs about $150 for a full year. Not the cheapest option, but a huge upgrade over other training apps and what I’d come up with on my own. Also far less than what you’d pay a personal trainer. Check it out. It’s excellent.


I’ve been toying with the idea of Dialed Health; Derek has been on the TR podcast before and sounds extremely knowledgeable. Pretty sure his program is $20/mo.

I used Dialled Health for a while but stopped as had too much on my plate. Found it really good

I’m on the dialed health plans. TR mid volume 5 days a week, and then dialed health on Wednesdays and Fridays.

That means that Wednesday is a double day, but the volume is low enough with dialed health to not get in the way of my hard workouts on Thursdays and Saturdays.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of a 3rd strength day a week to focus on solely core work, but this will probably only happen if the weather is poor and I can’t get outside.

@Dialed_Health this is exactly what you made the plans for.

I’ve been curious about Volt vs Dialed Health as well. I’ve been using Fitbod for a few years now now but it doesn’t have a clear “plan”. I’d like a bit more structure. Is the Volt Cycling plan good enough for a mountain biker? I like the idea of having an app to track everything and progress (TrainerRoad-esque).

I really liked the dialed health programing and exercises, but the ap/user interface left much to be desired. Im back on Volt and really like it so far. I know DH is launching a new ap soon, so may be worth looking at again when they do.

I would say consistency trumps anything! Programs need not be complicated to be effective. I struggle with keeping strength work up, but plan to change that in 22.


I bought a more traditional strength training program called Anabolic from mind pump media. I do 2 days a week of the program to the T and haven’t had any problems. Race week or recovery weeks I usually end up with 1 day with half the volume. So far it’s been working and I do mobility movements almost daily along with it.

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Oh good info. I checked out Volt a few years ago but they didn’t have the customization options you mentioned. I liked the way the app was setup though. Will give it another look.

I’m currently checking out dialed health for a month. So far it’s pretty good, my main complaint (as I’ve seen others say) is that it feels a bit disjointed with lots of little videos to click on for a single workout (not the case for all workouts).

I looked at Volt briefly a while ago and it looked cool but was disappointed to see it didn’t have any plans for kettlebells, which is all I had access to at the time (or at least it wasn’t an equipment option then, that may have changed).

I’ve been trying Dialed Health recently, mainly doing their bodyweight and core workouts, and although I wish they had a triathlon-specific plan, I’m enjoying it so far and I’m planning to give some of their plans a try when it’s safer to go to the gym again.

I recommend giving Dialed Health a try. The monthly plan is $20.


Thanks - I have give Volt Athletics a try. I like how it adapts to whatever equipment I have at my house (bands/adjustable dumbbells and… of course… Body Weight). Dialed Health also looks really great. I will probably give it a shot sometime, as well.