Strength Training program

I have searched through the recent podcasts and I am pretty sure that one of the coaches mentioned a particular online strength training program or person who sells programs online but cannot for the life of me find the mention.

Does anyone have the link or know what I am talking about? It was within the last few weeks I thought (maybe it was older and that is my problem) and it was a specific strength training program that one person on the podcast was doing which he found was very compatible with cycling vs just generic strength programs.


I think they mentioned this outfit recently:

No personal experience though.

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THANKS! Yes that was it.

Also worth considering - there are some very good “buy once” strength plans on TrainingPeaks:

I’ve got the one from Mikael Eriksson of Scientific Triathlon its $49 and includes a LOT of really helpful info for those new to strength training. Its this one: and that link has some info on the plan.


That looks great as well. I have done some strength training before but I basically am a weekend warrior mid life type and unconditioned right now. I am worried that a regular strength program (non specific) would conflict with my low volume base that I am doing now (interfere with recovery).

I’ve got some weight to lose as well so working on that at the same time. Lots of conflicting goals.

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I’m later mid life and doing 6-10 hours a week on the bike and lifting twice a week. Took awhile to get here but it is possible. I’m doing more aerobic work on the bike, with some intensity. TR plans have a lot of intensity and personally I’d dial back the intensity (way back) when you first start lifting. Like the first 2-3 months. Think of it this way - you are getting intensity in the gym and setting yourself up for long term success.