Strava speed coming up very low

In my 1st week of TR. I done Antelope yesterday, tough but got it done and felt good. Sync my stuff with Strava but noticed my speed for yesterday was 21 k/p/h which is obviously pretty low because a similar ride outdoors would be 27 to 28 id say. Not overly concerned as i know it was a great workout but just curious to know why it’s so low???

More than likely the gear you rode in. Bigger chain ring = “more speed”.
I ride mostly in my small rings and have low km/h but I know I ride mostly hills where I live so for me that makes more sense. Hope his helps :slight_smile:

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Makes sense yeah. I did change to smaller ring for the workout. I just thought with the same cadence that the speed would be the same. I’m assuming having it the big or small c doesn’t affect the quality of the Workout?

Unless you want to get into the marginal gains. Depending on your event, train how you will ride during your event. ie. training for a flat 40k TT (then maybe use big ring) or an uphill ride maybe small chain ring.

What trainer are you using?

I noticed this on my KickR, more so when a 4hr Z2 showed as 99 miles last weekend when in reality it’d be closer to 75-80 miles.

Interestingly, having opened the Wahoo Fitness app prior to TrainerRoad (and doing nothing else within it) and riding in the same ring & gear as always that evenings workout recorded notably less distance than the same workout the week before.

I’ll see what it returns this afternoon and also on tomorrow’s long one.

This was skewing my Estimated Moving Time on routes planned outdoors, loads of rides with ridiculously fast average speeds :smile:

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It has to do with the inertia of the fly wheel. Had the same thought. I always ride in my small chain ring because it’s quieter (I live in an apartment). After some research, I found that the small chainring produces lower inertia and therefore lower speed. Same concept as if you were outside.


Same rides & power, ridden in the same ring and sprockets. Only difference being opening the WahooFitness App prior/alongside TR and then closing it.