Difference in Black

I did Black yesterday and then again today. Strava said yesterday I went 9.9 miles and today was 22.2 miles. Do I have some setting set up incorrectly?

I am riding a Cycleops Hammer trainer.

That would happen if you are both 1) using ERG mode and 2) you stuck it in a much higher (over 2x) gear ratio today than yesterday


Yep, I can almost guarantee this is the answer. It’s all about gear ratio, which is why speed/distance in Strava means absolutely nothing when it comes from a TrainerRoad workout.


yes the difference between the 2 days was day 1 I was in the little ring and day 2 the big ring. thx for your help.

Definitely this. I had the same question when I did the same workout as a friend on the same day, with only a 10w ftp difference. All due to me being in the small ring and my friend in the big.