High Average Cadence ( Help Needed)

I’m currently using a Wahoo cadence monitor + Wahoo Kicked Snap

I’ve been averaging 110rpm+ cadence ( sometimes I’ll manage a smooth cadence of 120+) on recent workouts that contain multiple spinups ( Ericsson, Antelope). I’m not knocking and my pedal strokes feel smooth and comfortable.

Should I focus on bring my cadence down? Should I always be riding sub 100rpm?

Thanks again for the help!

Generally, you know what cadence feels natural to you. And if that’s 110 rpm, so be it. Mine is 95–105 on the flats. I’d say you are fine. The only thing I’d do is practice other cadences as well during some of the workouts to broaden your range of cadences that you can comfortably work at. I like to do that during Z2 workouts to break the monotony. That’s also more gentle on your muscles. Try 95 and 85 rpm, perhaps lower with time. For Z4 workouts (sweet spot and threshold), I sometimes still shift gears, but the changes in cadence are more subtle (one gear max).

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I find that ERG has me pedalling at a high cadence, for me circa 100-105rpm and 110-120rpm when Chad tells me to up it. I don’t think there’s much wrong with that but I like to use resistance mode or an virtual reality course and get to use different cadences too for the real world.

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Gearing and flywheel speed also play a role. I am on a direct drive dumb trainer, which mimics me riding on the flats. Hence, my cadence is faster on average than that of most of my outdoor rides. On a smart trainer, you should be in the small chain ring, that makes it easier for the smart trainer to adjust the resistance.

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