Strava running relative effort = TSS?

Hey all, when I do a run outside with my Garmin watch and its in both Garmin connect and synced to Strava, what is the best number to use for TSS for when I try to update the TR calendar? or should I not even worry about it?

At least in strava, it gives me a relative effort number for each run I do. I don’t know what the number represents or where its pulled from, but it knows if its a hard effort or not.

Strava effort numbers are meaningless.

any good way of getting a useful TSS from a run effort?

If you have a steady diet of run efforts just limit the bike TSS you do so that both are manageable. TSS isn’t the end all be all and you don’t really need to be worried about the details. Track your miles and figure out how that makes you feel and how much bike work you can manage doing those miles. If you went too hard note that and do some recovery workouts and learn from it going forward.

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I’m at 50 miles/week right now finishing out my marathon BQ training effort in the end of February. but my Leadville 100 mtb base building begins in a few weeks so I will have overlapping efforts for a month or so, and don’t want to over do it.

I would say if you worried about blowing up your marathon work just do low volume traditional base to start the bike muscles going while still working on the run. Running fast involves not being on the bike and being fast on the bike involves not running. I would guess you will come up to speed pretty quickly so wouldn’t freak out about coming out swinging at the start.

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Use the free Elevate plug-in for Stava. This will give you a running TSS estimate, and CTL/ATL graph (relabelled to avoid trademark issues).

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Came across this…

Seems to work pretty easily, more so than the Elevate plug-in.

Works for me. Even easy to set up. I’m pretty new to TrainerRoad and don’t understand why TSS for my outdoor rides on Garmin are not included in my Relative Effort stats. Must be a reason you have to use a third party app.