Strava live segments on Rouvy

This popped up on my Strava feed. New: Live Segments on ROUVY | A post by The Strava Club on Strava
Unless I misunderstood this post, but it seems that it is now possible to compete for KOM/QOM in the virtual world against IRL? This should not be allowed for sure as it is so unfair. Final nail in the coffin for Strava?
@dcrainmaker you are surely well-informed on this…

I can’t say there doing the same as RGT but its got live segments up climbs which only record virtual rides and visa versa none of my virtual RGT rides appear on real world segments. For Instance:

Virtual Segment up Ventoux


Real Segment up Ventoux

Lol, if my virtual time had shown up in the real world it would been a top 150 climb only :joy:

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This is from the comments below the announcement:

So I think we’re okay. But given that Strava still refuses to separate indoor and outdoor miles, you certainly got me worried!


Its the same system as RGT uses :+1: