STRAVA Launches Participation Trophies

Well, kinda…

What do you think? Kind of neat to know but I can’t see this becoming as competitive as Segments.


I applaud efforts to look for other aspects than the “best performance” types of “rewards & recognition”. But I don’t see this as much of an incentive or reward.

As mentioned, commuters will rule some segments due to pure habits. Other segments that aren’t in that category, I wonder why I would care if I did it more than others? I just don’t see the point of this particular implementation.


I could see it being nice for HC climbs. And seeing how difficulty and accomplishment is relative to an individual, I could see it being useful for all Cat4+ climbs.


Same, this is underwhelming. Not to rehash the other massive discussion, but I decided to activate the free trial and then subscribe because a) comparing my own efforts on segments is now behind the paywall and b) they promised new features. If this is indicative of the usefulness of the other new features, I will probably rethink that decision.


Well, it’s a start. It’s not every segment.

I suppose it will become a commuter cup.

But this will be an incentive for riders who are local but who will never be the fastest. A bit?

Like I said. It’s a start. Maybe other things are coming. Remember how they reset the KOMs one year so everybody riding on 1st January came home with lots of cups? Maybe they’ll redo that. Or Monthly ones?

  • Agreed.
  • One area that is in MASSIVE need of work is “My Segments”. There is no filter, sort or search capability in any way. You simply have to scroll through and read each and every page to try and find a segment I have “starred”. It’s a worthless screen, and now that the Segments is largely accessible via subscription, they better plan to improve that.
  • The Segment Explorer and Search tools are equally frustrating and disappointing.


I agree. I was initially underwhelmed when I watched Ray’s video, but after some thought I think it’s an interesting alternative for competing on segments that force you to suffer regardless of your riding pace. There will definitely be a lot of meaningless LCLs on commuting segments, but I could see myself trying to defend the LCL on a long climb or particular loop in my area.

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Could see it being useful, maybe not as described by could evolve into something like an explorer score. Suprised they never brough back yearly KoMs so many have been put on a shelf by pros / bad gps / cheats / occasionaly good local riders, but at least yearly kept things intresting


I like the sliding window concept but I don’t see anything to get too excited about overall. I did a quick search in my area and the current record holders have done their respective segments 20-30 or more times. I do too much indoor riding to ever do the same route outside enough to qualify for one of these.

I always wanted to see a “Current Era KOM” other than just this year… Maybe a rolling 18 or 24 months from when the KOM or any ranked time was set. I don’t really care what the current overweight-has-been did on his TT bike on a segment in 2013. All those really old times can be the Legacy KOM list.


Years ago they tried something like this with an all-time + yearly leaderboard. We all hated it.

But I remember that first week of the new year just collecting ALL the hardware. Was fun for a sec.

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That’s why I was thinking about something a little more complicated than just a 1/1 wipe of the leaderboard.

I think there is some potential in it, I live in Mallorca so every KOM is essentially bagged by some Pro Tour rider - as a 4W/kg rider I’ve got close to zero chance (I managed to get one recently on a relatively quiet climb👍).

So yeah its cool that there is another leaderboard I could potentially compete for but basing it soley on number of rides seems a bit basic, would be more complete if it (frequency) was combined with speed (time) to make it a more true representation of ‘local legend’

Back in 2017 they did a participation trophy type update where you got a PR achievement the first time you rode a segment. So if you rode a new route every single segment was marked as a PR. It was annoying if you knew what was going on but I remember comments on people’s rides with congratulations for all the PRs. So it worked in the sense that it gave more ‘rewards’ for just riding. I was surprised when they rolled back the feature.


Man, that was SOOOO annoying. I hated the 1st time = PR crap.

LOL bad memories :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone is a winner…

commuters can be local legends!

they just need to institute cat 6 trophies too. make use of that flyby data.

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OMG I was going to post the same, Nov 2017 is when I first noticed:

First time riding in Santa Ynez, and Strava handed me hundreds of PR trophies for the 97 miles. So annoying and ridiculous.


Strava should give you a trophy if you specify that you’re doing a recovery ride and then actually do it.