Ironman Virtual launched

Looks like a partnership with, I don’t know who they are, likely French organisation from the language encountered.

You register and authorise a data feed from Strava, Suunto, Garmin or it takes a bunch more. Looks like it only takes new activities, not historic.

There’s a series of challenges available, some for major brands, some from the likes of Mark Allen and Dave Scott :slight_smile: Each has a video intro from the guys themselves, and the challenge has a prize draw if you complete it.

You register for the races the same as a real event, via and the first race is this weekend…this one is free I’m sure other’s won’t be; 5km run, 90km bike, 21km run…I’m in :smiley:

Bib number in the post (email) apparently.

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That’s pretty cool, I see Rouvy are sponsors on the IronmanVR platform, but there’s no mention of their virtual courses (yet):

ROUVY will offer up to 35 IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 bike courses on its platform The first route to be created will be of the IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder triathlon in Colorado.

I guess I’ll be registering with Rouvy too, but for this weekend I’m wondering which TR session will get me to 90km :smiley:


Registered for the Ventum bike challenge, then did part 1 of the challenge - a 50min ride which I did on Zwift. It’s synced into IMVR okay but the challenge is showing as 0% progress. There doesn’t seem to be any support line either, beyond the Help faq.


Will try to do the Duathlon in the weekend, will be doing it oustide since we still are allowed. But pacing it at 85% IF and doing the running at recovery speeds. We have been doing the same thing with our Triathlon club, but just with sprint distances, but it has been fun!


This just popped into my inbox in Aus.
How does it work? Can you use a treadmill and indoor trainer for the bike? What about the swim if all the lap pools are shut down due to Covid-19 restrictions?
It looks like an interesting concept. However, I’m reluctant to sign up just to get information on how it all works.

Fortunately, I can still run and ride outside. Not that the kms would be very fair as I’d be riding up and down a mountain. (That and I did zero training for just under 3 months).

I hope everyone is staying safe in these crazy times.

Edit: I see you run the swim. Interesting.

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My notes on how it works are in the OP, they claim indoor or outdoor exercise works with it, and the first race is a duathlon you can do over two days, this weekend.

I’m still learning… :grinning:


I couldn’t help myself and now my inbox is filled with advertising from them…

I’m just confused as to how they work out virtual distances indoors? After using TR for so long I’ve become accustomed to ignoring distance indoors. Even the treadmill has different incline settings that make a massive difference to the effort.

It sucks that I’ve been slack with my training lately. I’m keen to try the free race this weekend but don’t fancy running myself down ATM.

Have fun. I look forward to hearing about how it all plays out.

I just signed up for a 2k run, 20k bike and 5k run, but it’s a bit vague on he details. Does it have to be seperate activities one after the other within a certain time frame, or can I use my “cardio” setting on my watch and travel 27k? I’d think the first, but then it’s not really a triathlon if its over the course of a couple of days. More like strava achievements used to me than an actual race

The conditions for the event this weekend are clear on this point:
• Record 5 km of running in 1 Session, 90 km of biking in 1 Session, and 21 km of running in 1 Session over the Virtual Race period.

I get the feeling they’re leaving options open for the Santini challenge in 10 days time. It’s definitely going to be interesting to see how this all plays out over the weekend.

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I want to do this challenge, but need to do ride indoors on my Kickr (via TR or on my Wahoo Bolt)—-I have an outdoor course loaded into Best Bike Split and can load course to TR or Wahoo Bolt for indoor ride, but I’m worried that ride distance won’t actually show as 90km after workout is complete and loaded to Strava (and then synced to IM Virtual site). Pretty sure reported distance will depend on gearing.

Any ideas? (No, I don’t have Zwift for riding.)

I’ve got a note out to Best Bike Split but wanted to check with this group too.

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Can you try a short route and confirm function yourself?

As long as it’s not ERG, and you have the right wheel size in the app, I think it will work fine.

I was wanting to ride it in Erg, but maybe that won’t be feasible if I’m wanting full distance to be reported out…

It may be possible, but IMHO, ERG defeats the purpose of the challenge and is counter to “riding a distance”. ERG is for workouts, Sim is for “riding” inside.

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Fair point. I’d be fine riding in resistance mode and just trying to hold goal wattage manually if distance will be accurate that way.

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I signed up for the first IM event but will not be racing, just giving it a try. This is not the time of the year for me to go that hard that long. The 5k will probably be just getting fresh rolls for the family sat morning, the ride an easy endurance cruise at 0.6 and the run, if I manage that much, a „social“ run (we’re still allowed to run with 1 other person)

I wonder how they manage to compare virtual rides. If they accept TR I’ll PR by a long way, running the big ring in erg :rofl:

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Okay, so I completed the Ventum challenge it’s a 50 min Zwift ride and a 90min TR workout, both synched through Strava…so aim happy I can use either platform :slight_smile:

Anyone know how I can see distance during a TR ride? I’m using an Elite Zumo if that matters.

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During a ride if you have your head unit on it will show there. assuming you have the correct setup of course.

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Right so if my garmin takes an ant+ connection as BTE will be taken by the iPad. I’ll go check.