Strava Live Segment behavior on Elemnt Bolt

Looking to get a little help trying to get Live Segments working on my Bolt.

I’ve got my Strava account (subscriber trial) setup in the Elemnt app, Strava screen on my Bolt, and my phone was paired to the Element throughout the ride.

I understand that I need to have segments starred to ensure they show up, but is this the only way to see a segment at all? I rode for 25mi and didn’t get a single segment pop, even through I rode through quite a few. I was using a route.

So two questions:

  1. Do I have to star every single segment that I want to show up?

  2. Any way to make it just alert me that I’m approaching a popular segment? Assuming I’m just out on a ride, no planned route, am I just out of luck if I don’t scope out segments ahead of time?

I don’t mind starring segments I definitely want to see, but surely there’s a way to just see segments you stumble on, right?

It will only show your favourite ones, if you’re getting close to them it alerts you.

Stumbling upon segments would require either downloading everyone in a set radius or a always on internet link. Neither of which is available.


The alerting function has to be enabled. There is an option to turn it off so it doesn’t distract you, say if you were doing a planned workout. Maybe check through all the mobile app settings to be sure it’s ok?

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I thought it would do exactly that, actually. My bolt is connected to my phone that’s broadcasting my location through the Element app.

Dang though. So basically if you’re just out on a ride, you can’t ‘stumble on’ segments, and you need to fully pre-plan the segements you want?

What I don’t understand is that the strava Support says, from March of this year:

Selecting Segments

  • All of your starred segments will show up automatically in the Strava Live Segments folder on your ELEMNT after you connect your accounts. If you star another segment on the Strava website or mobile app, it will load on your device the next time you sync. You can star segments almost anywhere you can view them.
    Popular Segments based on your location settings will automatically be synced to your device.

So… how?

I’ve never seen that, would be cool though. If you find out post here!


An additional caveat I’ve had to get Wahoo support on… There are some segments, even if you star them, that won’t ever sync to your Bolt. Downhill segments have some requirements I don’t fully understand but there are a number of them that won’t sync for instance.

You can see which segments are synced if you pull up the live segments page on the Bolt.

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Anything with a descent average over 1% (I think that’s the number) won’t sync for safety reasons. Bit low figure I think over a couple km but I get the reason why.

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To be honest there are so many segments that you really don’t want every segment on your ride showing up. Some overlap, some will turn off the route you are on, and some will be in totally the opposite direction. my Wahoo would be constantly alerting me to segments.


This, a bunch. Totally dependent on your area and created segments, but there are some silly overlaps and duplicates. Just having all those offer up every moment you roll near them would be annoying.

I get enough issues with the fact that road and off-road segments show up no matter what you are riding. I get near spots with starts for segs that are different than my current ride, and they still show as active options. They eventually clear as you pass those starts and it knows you are not on that segment, but it can make a messy list, even with just ‘stared’ segments active.

If you plan to do some PR/KOM hunting, it’s in your best interest to prune your stared list a bit and just show the ones you REALLY want to hit. You will still be placing times on any overlapping segments in the final results. But from recent experience, overlapping stared segments are NOT helpful, and just lead to confusion and distraction.

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I’ve never understood why some of my starred segments didn’t show up and I think this explains it. Thanks!

Yeah, I know I don’t want every segment, but I expected to get a few. The “Popular” ones they mentioned in their support sounds perfect. Oh well, I guess I’ll just star away, haha.

With all the data they have, and now going all in on paying, I’d love a feature saying “we know you power curve, try this segment it’d be a great test”.

Make me find other areas in my local area.

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Same problem as the OP. I just stared trying to use this feature (Strava live outside w/Element Bolt). I have 1 segment starred. Everything on the app looks “on” and good to go. I never got an alert for the starred segment.

The only thing I see as an issue is when I hit the sync button on the Bolt unit (connected to wifi) the screen says “SYNED 46 DAYS AGO”…any ideas?

Make certain that your phone and Bolt (via the Elemnt app) are on EXACTLY the same wifi network. I’ve had them on different ones and that seems to prevent a proper sync.

Thanks checking…

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Everything on the same wifi…on the Bolt starred page it still says synced 46 days ago. However, on the planned work out page it synced to TP, TR and ALL 1 minute ago…does the starred segment need to be loaded as a planned route by chance?

Good question, but I don’t think so (to needing a planned route).

I have had some mixed experience recently with some segments showing as live and others not, despite being starred. But I still get alerts to segments I starred, while riding randomly (no planned route loaded), so I think it should be proximity based.

You could try undoing and redoing the star to try and trigger an update (if that is the reason you are missing alerts, but who knows?).

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It’s a hidden segment. Wonder if that’s the issue…

Ohhh, could be. Can you unhide it for you?

Yes. I unhid it. I’ll check it out tomorrow and see if that worked. Nothing looks different on the Bolt after a re-sync…

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