Strava Live Segments help on Edge 520

Strava Live Segments on my Edge 520 pop up when expected, then almost immediately stop working, sending me back to my first data screen. I can cycle down screen and sometimes a different screen shows up that’s almost as helpful as the “proper” Live Segment screen. Any ideas? Every segment I’m after is starred and set correctly in the Live Segment sub menu on the Garmin. I even went so far as to use GPS + GLONASS setting, no improvement.

I used to really like this feature especially on shorter more VO2 Max segments. Now I just hit Lap and try to pay attention to the time. Less than ideal considering it’s the #1 reason I pay for Strava now.

Thanks, and merge if necessary. I only did a quick initial search.

Is it mountain bike?

They never work for me on mtb with Garmin or wahoo.

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Counter experience: my Live Segments worked great for a MTB section (4 mile loop) on a Wahoo Bolt just yesterday. So it’s not Road vs MTB difference here.

I’d possibly disconnect and reconnect the Strava app, and try to get it to update / resync from that.

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Nah, just a really straight forward gravel section. I have the same experience on the MTB though…

I recently set up some new live segments on my 520+ and they worked as expected.
(Mtb and road)

Are you using the fully featured version of Strava?

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Yeah I’ve been paying for Strava.

Last night I chased a segment and the fix, while annoying does work. In this case the segment screen pops up, instantly goes away but if you scroll down, maybe 2 screens the real time of the person you’re chasing is displayed (the live segment screen).

Bottom line it doesn’t really work well. Had me in the lead by like 30 seconds towards the beginning, (not likely) then immediately 30 seconds back (more likely), then after a few turns it stabilized around 30 seconds back. I even finished the segment around -30 which would have put me well inside the top 5 but the segment didn’t spit out a finishing time (even though I rolled through the finish the same way I had done it previously with a live finish time) after the upload I was more like -45 seconds back. Still a PR and a good time for me but I think just knowing the segment and using the lap button could be better - I will say seeing the time you’re off by while you’re racing is quite motivating, I’ll keep messing with it.

That doesn’t sound right at all. There must be something messing with the 520, or the segment itself is a mess.

I’ve had my 520+ jump around as you describe when the GPS signal is messed up.
When chasing one particular PR the time jumps around the same way every time. I haven’t bothered to take a look into the data, but I’m pretty sure in that case the GPS track is jumping around.

It makes me wonder how accurate the segment times on Strava really are. If the virtual racer on a live segment is surging ahead by 30 seconds, it’s a leap of faith to imagine the GPS was accurate as the segment ends.