Strava segments seem to be down

Anyone else ride today and have no segments show up on Strava? Looking at friends rides it seems to be an issue for many at the moment.

Not ridden outdoors but a lot of friends reporting the same. Maybe they removed that feature too :joy::joy:


It’d be kinda neat if they reset them every decade 🤷🤣


I went our today, no Strava Segments when came back but after an hour they then appeared without forcing it via the Refresh Activity Achievements, so seems like a glitch.

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I emailed support and got this back.

We apologize for any troubles you may be experiencing with Strava Segments. Our team is aware that on Saturday January 11, 2020, our segments are taking longer than average to match on activities, we appreciate your patience.


I was so happy that my ride had no segments. Thought I’d opened an alternate universe. One where I was KOM KING!!! :rofl:

One of my buddies went hard after a long enduro segment KOM today and at the end was perplexed to say the least. I had No Segments from my ride.

I had a ride with no segments today but seems to be fixed now. You can manually refresh the stats on the affected ride by viewing in a web browser>click on the three dots on the left hand side and select “Refresh Activity Achievments”