Wahoo Bolt Ride Not Syncing?

Went on an outside ride yesterday using my Wahoo Bolt. I can see the ride on the Bolt but the Wahoo Element app is not picking it up. When I connect the Bolt to my MacBook it charges the Bolt but won’t read any files. Ugh, frustrated on what to do, any suggestions?

Double check wi-fi connection for the Bolt. I think it helps if it’s on the same exact channel as the phone, for typical sync.

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You need to turn the Bolt “on” before it can read anything. Just plugging in => charging. Although I never use a cable, wifi is so more practical.

  • try mcneese.chad’s tip
  • logout in the app and log back in.
  • Put the Bolt on and sync with the app again
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I had a ride from my bolt not upload to strava yesterday…tried resyncing but it still wouldnt upload. It went to the wahoo app but no further, I ended up sharing the fit file to myself via email and manually uploading to strava…so 2013!


I had the same problem…glad it wasn’t just my user error!! I reinstalled the Wahoo Elemnt phone app and re-paired it. That seemed to do the trick.

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Thanks for all the suggestions, however I tried all the above to no avail. That ride for some reason isn’t being recognized.

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Hehe… Had the same issue with bolt the other day, first outdoor ride this year after long hibernation. What I observed is that element app actually showed the ride synced, but it still didn’t show up in strava. My hunch is strava might have either changed the auth or something similar over winter, or maybe just expired some tokens. What worked for me though is removing strava pairing in the app and then adding it back. Ride synced up instantly after that


Came here to say this. I’ve been having this problem about a week. De-authed Strava in the Element app and added it back, and the ride synced to Strava. Other services have been fine.

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Same situation this past weekend. I spent a couple of hours playing with the app and Strava. Gave up and tried to upload the fit file from Dropbox. That didn’t work either. Finally got it to upload to strava. Won’t be testing it this weekend. Weather is frozen mix.

I recorded an indoor ride today and when I went to sync it to to the Wahoo Element app the ride that wouldn’t upload from before all of a sudden loaded, but now the indoor ride isn’t loading :man_shrugging:.

Same problem. Outdoor TR workout. Showing on bolt and app but not uploading to Strava. I got wahoo app to let me download file to phone and uploaded it via Strava website.

If the issue is not syncing to Strava (and from there to TR), then I experienced this issue for the first time a couple of days ago.

A very rapid fix was to go into the Android ELEMNT app; select Profile at the bottom; scroll down to and touch Connected apps; untick Strava to deauthorize, then re-tick Strava to reauthorize.

Following that, it sync’d immediately and all was good again.

I had the exact same problem with my Bolt. I will try the deauth/auth loop.

Im having the same problem. I havent changed any settings. Bolt automatically syncs to komoot as usual over wifi but not to strava. It then wont let me sync with strava through the bolt app manually either.

Ive been downloading the ride file from the bolt app and uploading it manually in to strava.

Tried disconnecting and reconnecting strava from the bolt app and the problem persists