Dry January 2024

Anyone else doing a Dry January in 2024?

Need a reboot for some goals in the new year, since I may have had more beers than miles in 2023. I’ve got some Best Day and Athletic Brewing samplers coming my way.

Might need an accountability buddy or two.


I am. And a Dry February. And Dry March. I don’t drink.


Dry, until your A event or first quarter then see how you feel.


I’ve had around three beers since August this year. I don’t see much changing despite Christmas and the New Year as the benefits for me far outweigh downing a few glasses.


I don’t get this “Dry January” , February/ March thing at all.
If you feel bad about how much you’re drinking what good is a month going to do for you?

Just give it up. Simple.
Or enjoy it without guilt.
I stopped drinking 5 years ago, and have no desire to ever again.


Ive been living the Budweiser Zero lately. Being ina rural area, the food lion doesn’t have much.


It’s not going to hurt, right? :thinking:

Sometimes the nightly glass of wine turns into the nightly 2-3-4 glasses of wine and people need a re-set and use the post-holiday period to do so. Why be critical or dismissive?

I feel like I wandered into a thread where someone was looking for more vegetable-centric recipes and all the vegans showed up lol :joy:


Well, congrats on getting something like alcohol out of your life.

Life is about finding a balance. Sometimes you get out of balance. Then, you have to work on getting back to mid-point. A month has always worked for me.


this is the situation; Reset needed!

And, i’ll take the vegetable-centric recipes too!


Getting sleep tracking on a watch was a major tipping point for me. When I’ve had a couple of beers it records virtually no deep sleep at all instead of the two hours ish I get normally.
Putting data onto something I already knew sealed the deal for me. How could I train and eat so zealously whilst throwing it all away at night?
I’ve been on the quitting train since 2020 with many a hiccup, but I’m finding it easier now.
Good luck with dry January. Maybe try extending it too if you like the changes you see.


I don’t drink a lot these days - maybe 6 beers/week spread over the whole week. I did have a year off drinking in my 20s when I tried to get “serious” about my triathlon performance…had zero effect :grimacing: :laughing:…I have also done races where I have not drunk the night before and ones where I have and provided I don’t have more than 2 it again makes zero difference. Actually did a long run last Sunday morning after a Thai meal and 6 pints the evening before - all my stats were the same…although I did have a headache. :thinking:


I’ve done dry January in the past; generally an overindulgent holiday made me feel like I needed a reset. This past year my wife and I really cut back on habitual drinking (e.g. no more glass of wine with dinner every night) and I’ve found that while I do find the process of drinking enjoyable, the negatives in terms of sleep and how I feel the next day outweigh that positive experience.

So, this year I’m doing Dry Holidays, figuring I might as well just start in December and avoid the overindulge/overcorrect thing. Honestly it’s been great and very easy. I was a bit concerned about social aspects over the holidays (e.g. abstaining at Christmas parties or happy hours) but I think recent years there has been a big bump in non-drinking, so nearly all restaurants where I am have non-alcoholic cocktails or beers available. All in all 10/10 and I don’t envision going back to alcohol any time soon.


Yes you’re probably right re vegans :rofl:
Never meant to be critical or dismissive, just saying my opinion of a thing; “dry January”.

For many years I drank, mainly wine, and as you said, I found myself drinking a few more glasses than I knew was good for me . I never binge drank, but just every day with my dinner and never wanted any after I’d eaten.
I tried cutting down, drinking on Tuesdays, thursdays and sundays only, using a smaller glass(just kept re-filling it) .
You name it ,I tried it, and nothing worked.
Then ,at our motorsport Awards dinner I was sat with three friends (all had given up drinking) and they told me, just choose a day you are giving up and stop drinking.
I thought it would be hard but it was so easy.

I’ve thought of a good one; Dry January in 2024, dry January &February in 2025, dry January,Feb,March in 2026 etc etc. :rofl: :grin:

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Be careful with not drinking. You’ll end up like me, sober for several years and counting. :laughing:


I like the sound. of this. Last weekend of April is my A-race for 2024, that seems like a doable length of time, especially as my winter drinking is normally minimal.

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I’m thinking I’m going to do it, but starting on the 2nd when I go back to work

That’s really not how it works

I’m on immunosuppressants, which is great for reducing drinking :sweat_smile:

Having had some problems with drinking in the past, I was teetotal for almost 5 years. Over the last couple of years, I’ve learned to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine with one meal a week, and a beer after a long ride. But it does take some discipline.

Dry January would probably be a good idea for me.

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Ive found dry January not to be too much of a challenege so decided to do dry december this year. Theres been a huge amount of social pressure but my trainings never been so consistent.

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In for dry January! How you thinking to do accountability @jcuene ?

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