Dry January 2020

Is anyone interested? Sure way to lose weight and save some money. Try it!


Starting on Sunday. Enjoying my last few before then!

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I’m there! Dry January it is.

I’m in* for Q1-2020.

*When on work trips, I’ll still have my customary beer at the airport before my return flight. I get to try new beers, and someone else pays. But zero drinking at home, zero drinking when I go out for dinner etc.


I already have a six day running start :grinning:

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I’m giving up whisky after my cruise to Cabo next week. Just going to do the one beer on date night for the coming race season.

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I’m in :+1:

Yep, I’m doing this. Probably beyond January too. Caffeine as well…

:+1: now thats how I define dry when training. Count me in.

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I was pretty much a few beers and/or wine every night guy until I stopped completely last November. It’s been 35 days and I don’t miss it at all. I feel much healthier, have lost weight and sleep so much better.

I ain’t giving up my morning coffee though :wink:


Good for you… Be tough over the festive season…

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Great challenge for the new year. In through Valentine’s day.

I’m doing Dry January. I don’t think I’ve gone a month without drinking in… well its been too long frankly

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i’m doing it too! baby due end of Jan - so as good a reason as any to go dry for the month

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No way!

That’s too easy. Make it all of 2020. Alcohol is poison. Why ingest it at all?


Will definitely reducing how much beer I consume this year, 53 years old and the belly is a little too wobbly :grinning:
My biggest challenge will be football (soccer) days, love a few pints in Birmingham before a game :stuck_out_tongue:


My 5th dry January. And all the months in between. Solid 4 years and loving it.


I’m in for dry January as well. Quit drinking when I started SSBHVI and I would like to go all the way through the race season this spring/summer with no alcohol.

Trying to eliminate things in my life that are holding me back from reaching my potential after a decade of being “partially in” to anything I pursue.


The lady and I usually do a dry January . . . with one “out” for me: Business dinners in China.
Never experienced a weight loss from it but I always feel much better.

We’re also trying to cut down our sugar intake for the year. I’m trying to remove the obvious ones from my diet first (cookies, etc). I’ll see how that goes and then decide if I want to start probing deeper into what I consume. Gonna be hard: The ultimate recovery meal is salted caramel ice cream.

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