Still necessary to install the TR ANT+ drivers?

Assuming I’m installing the updated TR app on a clean copy of Windows 10 is it still necessary to download and install the ANT+ drivers as outlined here or are these now packaged with the application itself?

Hey @CZS,

The drivers help the ANT+ stick interact with the Windows OS, so they are not app-specific. You will still need the same ANT+ drivers with the new version of the application :+1:.

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Good to know, thanks @Bryce!

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Hey @Bryce,

Everytime I try to install those drivers on windows 10 I get a .net framework error. They seem to expect a very old version that won’t install.

Now ant+ works for me anyway so I’m not inclined to try to break it… but just saying.

Thanks for letting us know, I’ll share this with our Support Leads to investigate :+1:.

Odd… just tested on a win10 machine I wont be using for training and it worked without issue. I guess whatever was causing the problem is probably resolved.

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