Windows 11 ANT+ driver? (solved)

Hey all, anyone know of a working ANT+ driver for Windows 11? The TR one installs fine on my machine, but doesn’t seem to let my dongle get detected by TR. I know the real answer is “downgrade to Windows 10 because 11 literally just came out so there are probably bugs” but I’d like to avoid that if possible.


Nevermind, I solved it. In case anyone needs help:

The driver installed fine after enabling dotNET 3.5, but my dongle wasn’t being recognized. I found a notification in the notification pane that said something like “finish installing device” and I clicked it and now everything works.

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Screenshot 2022-01-16 153917

I have an IT managed laptop from work and I was getting the .NET framework error when trying to install the TR ANT+ drivers. It would say that I needed .NET Framework version 3.5 or higher, and that caused some confusion for me because after downloading most recent .NET framework from MS website I got an error saying I already had the most recent version of .NET installed.

I found how to check and enable .NET framework for Windows 10!

Go to Control Panel>Programs and under “Programs and Features” there is an option to “Turn Windows Features On or Off”------BINGO!

Click that and follow the directions to enable both .NET Framework 3.5 and .Net Framework 4.8.

NOTE: My .Net Framework 3.5 was not enabled originally AND only a couple of services of my .Net Framework 4.8 were enabled. IT DID NOT work for me to only enable everything in .NET Framework 4.8. I had to enable everything in .Net framework 3.5 as well.

I hope this helps someone else with a IT managed laptop.

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I got a new Windows 11 laptop the other day. I also ran into Ant + driver problems. I ended up installing them manually:

ANT+ Adapter Not Working With Windows 11 | Garmin Support

I then ran into problems with the RGT Wahoo install, I had to turn on developer mode and sideload through the Windows Power Shell (new name for the cmd/DOS prompt).

Just installing Garmin Express seemed to make mine work. It is a semi-generic one I got from Amazon in 2017. Just FYI if you install Garmin Express you need to make sure it is not running when you try to use the ANT+ adapter with other apps, it tends to take over.

That’s the 2nd option in my link in my post above (drivers) but through Garmin so it should be a legit link. The manual install worked for me. Seems wins 11 is a bag of spades as I found out when I had to solve further problems with the RGT Wahoo install :joy:

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Did you follow the Garmin link I posted a few posts up, it has some reliable technical things. IIRC I followed the technique thats the equivalent of the CMD DOS prompt (Power Shell)